Hell's Kitchen Contestant Jessica Vogel Dead at 34

Chef's fiancé has confirmed she passed away this week

By Jess Cohen Aug 01, 2018 3:27 PMTags

Jessica Vogel, a chef who competed on season 12 of Hell's Kitchen, passed away on Monday at the age of 34.

Vogel's fiancé, John Michael Keyser, confirmed her death to NorthJersey.com, stating that she was being treated for a chronic inflammatory bowel disease called colitis when "her heart gave out." An obituary for Vogel has also been published, which states that Vogel "was fearless when it came to work, never backing down from a challenge."

"She competed on Hell's Kitchen and Cutthroat Kitchen, becoming a local legend for foodies in Bergen County, N.J. In these difficult times, there is immense pressure on young people to stand out in a world where the intimate details of our lives are made public in blogs and on Facebook," the obit continues. "This took a toll on Jessica and over the years; she would escape to drugs and alcohol. She recently committed to living a better life and had graduated from an in-patient rehabilitation program with hopes of regaining control of her life."

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"Unfortunately, the damage done over the years was too great, and she died, like she lived, a fighter," the obit states. "She wants the message left behind not to be 'sex, drugs, and Foie Gras,' but rather the importance of appreciating your talents, always working hard to improve, but to never forget that it is the loving heart that truly changes the world."

Before appearing on Hell's Kitchen in 2014, Vogel attended culinary school at Johnson & Wales in Denver.

Vogel is survived by her parents, Donna Bruchmann and Mark Vogel, and her sister, Caitlin Johnstone.

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