Candace Cameron Bure Drops Some Fuller House Season 4 Scoop

DJ and Steve are officially together and it's everything you ever wanted

By Lauren Piester Jul 31, 2018 11:14 PMTags
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Fans of Steve and DJ on Fuller House (and Full House) can rest easy: the two are officially official in season four. 

"DJ and Steve are together," Candace Cameron Bure confirmed to E! News during an interview to promote Starkist's new Chicken Creations and her workout regimen, the Stoked Method. "There's no back and forth in season four, so she's with Steve and made that decision. I like watching and I hope the fans enjoy actually watching that relationship develop more." 

This season also finds Kimmy pregnant, but the baby actually belongs to Stephanie and Kimmy's own brother. Bure says that pregnancy is "the focus of season four." 

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The show also just got nominated for an Emmy for outstanding children's program, the first for Fuller House and an achievement that Full House never quite managed. 

"That was like, amazing, amazing news," Bure says. "Whether we win or not, I have to say in all honesty, I'm like that Emmy nomination feels like we won, whether we receive it or not. It's 30 years in the making." 

Bure is also trying her hand at directing for the first time this season, and you can press play above to hear who she's getting advice from! Check out more of the interview on E! News

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