Selena Gomez's Trainer Shares 5 Easy Arm Moves You Can Do at Home

Here's how to get a sculpted look without breaking too much of a sweat

By Diana Nguyen, Amanda Williams Jul 31, 2018 8:33 PMTags

You don't need a personal trainer to get sculpted arms like Selena Gomez.

You could, however, use some workout insight straight from her Hot Pilates trainer Shannon Nadj. The "Back to You" singer may sweat it out in the studio, but you needn't leave your home to feel the sculpt. You can "lengthen, stretch and tone your arms with my five on-the-go moves," said the fitness guru. Here's the added bonus: No weights required. "You can create your own resistance by imagining that you are pushing your arms through water, slowly with control," she added. 

This workout may not have drastic results, but it will open up your body and improve flexibility. 

"I like to do exercises that keep my shoulders back and down and to open up my chest," Shannon explained. "We spend so much time with our shoulders rolled forward on our phones. It's important to strengthen our backs to maintain good posture!"

You can literally do this workout during lunch breaks, at your desk, in the morning, when you're feeling name it. Just don't forget to warm up. Simply roll your shoulders for 10 reps then begin!

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Arm Weights 90 Degrees: "Reach arms forward at shoulder height. Bend your elbows 90 degrees. Stretch your arms out long and bend in. Do 20 reps and go slow with control," Shannon said. "Pro tips: Keep your elbows up 90 degrees without dropping them, initiate from your center and keep your abdominals engaged. Relax and lengthen the back of your neck. Go slow with control."

Arm Weights 90 Degrees to the Side: "Reach arms up to the side at shoulder height and slightly forward (stay in peripheral vision). Bend your elbows 90 degrees. Stretch your arms out long and bend arms in. Do 20 reps slow with control," said the trainer. 

Arm Circles: "Stretch your arms out to the side with your palms facing down," noted the pro. "Keep your arms straight and elbows soft. Circle your arms 20 reps forward and reverse 20 reps backward. Keep the circles small and tight and go slow with control."

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Small Pulses: "Stretch your arms long out to the side with your palms facing back, thumbs down," she said. "Pulse your arms back 20 reps and then switch, rotating your arms with palms facing the front and pulse for 20 reps. Keep the pulse small, opening your chest and strengthening your upper back and shoulders. Keep your shoulders connected, back and down."

Shoulder Press: "Stretch your arms overhead with your palms facing forward," instructed Shannon. "Slowly bring your elbows down to your ribs and repeat 20 reps slowly. Keep your shoulders back and down." 

That's all there is to it!

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