9 Celebrities Share How They Achieve Perfect Eyebrows

Check out Rihanna's brow trick and more advice straight from celebs!

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If you're having trouble perfecting your eyebrows, don't worry, you're not alone.

Whether your brows look like twins, sisters, cousins or distant relatives, there's a celebrity with dealing with a similar issue. The only difference: Hollywood's A-listers have talented makeup artists to help them, unlimited access to helpful products and a lot of pressure to get it right. 

"I started off overly plucked," Jenna Dewan said in a recent YouTube video. "I would make the most-arched brows I could possibly do. I wanted to literally look like a Disney villain...I would sit there with the tweezers and pluck, pluck, pluck, pluck. It was the thinest line you could make and it was very severe. So, I'm terrified of those pictures, but they are out there. You can find them."

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Although World of Dance host did some damage to her brows, her story is common. On separate occasions, Jessica Alba and Tori Spelling shared with E! News that the brow trends of the 90s left them with thin eyebrows. 

When E! News host Sibley Scoles asked Tori about her biggest beauty regret, the star shared, "I shouldn't have plucked my eyebrows so thin in the '90s...No one ever told me the brow would be back, and now the brow is back. It's something that when you pluck it's really hard to get back."

Now that these Hollywood stars have recovered from trends past, they're sharing what they did and how they maintain their full brows. 

Check out celeb brow advice below! 

Lily Collins

"I modeled for a little while and I got told so much 'We need to change those. We need to fix those,'" Lily told E! News, referring her now-famous brows. "But again, my mom was always like 'Look, it's the quirky things that make you different and beautiful,' and I was like 'OK.' It took me awhile to figure that out and then I learned to embrace them. I'm glad that I did because they might not have grown back if I didn't." 

Dakota Fanning

Want perfect brows? Do nothing. At the SAG Award 2018, Dakota shared that very little goes into her brow look.

"My only tip is that I don't touch my eyebrows," she told E! News host Nina Parker. "I don't wax them. I don't touch them at all...I get them from my grandmother, and my grandmother doesn't do anything to her eyebrows either."


"The best teacher is yourself," Rihanna said during her beauty tutorial with Vogue. "You have to practice on your own face because there are going to be things that you can do better than makeup artists."

Kyle Richards

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star told E! News that her mother is behind her thick brows.

"The best beauty secret that I learned from my mom was to never pluck my eyebrows," she said. "I had really bushy eyebrows…and she always used to say to me, ‘That's your trademark—don't ever do it. Look at Brook Shields."

Jessica Alba

The Honest Company owner, who loves a "strong brow," over plucked her brows in the 90s and told E! News how she grew them back: "I took prenatals [vitamins], and I didn't pluck my eyebrows for like two years, and that's how I grew them back."

Vanessa Hudgens

During an interview with E! News, the actress shared that she uses hand soap on her eyebrows. 

"You have soap!" she said after explaining that her makeup artist rubs an eyebrow brush on a bar of soap, which promises full-looking brows.

Jasmine Tookes

"Eyebrows are so important, so if you're having a good eyebrow day you better take a selfie," she told us during a Victoria's Secret event. "I love Tarte's pencil. I feel like their tones are really nice. They have a good pencil that's really skinny so you can get natural looking hairs."

According to the model, the skinny pencil allows for natural brows when applied with quick, sweeping dashes. The thin tip makes each dash look like a hair.

Jenna Dewan-Tatum

For a Brook Shields-inspired brow look, the dance uses clear mascara in lieu of brow gel: "This is from the drugstore—Great Lash Clear Mascara," she said in a beauty tutorial. "I love this stuff. It's not necessarily a brow gel, but it's clear mascara and it works just as good."

Natalie Halcro

"Just because a brow trend is thinner or fuller [than your brows] doesn't mean you should necessarily stick to that," the WAGS star told E! News. "First and foremost, do what looks best on your face."

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There you have it! Cheers to better brows!

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