What Trevor Jackson Really Thinks About LeBron James Joining the Lakers

Grown-ish's star also discussed what it would be like to see the NBA legend on the big screen

By Elyse Dupre Jul 19, 2018 11:40 AMTags
Watch: Trevor Jackson's Take on LeBron James' Move to the Lakers

It's been about two weeks since LeBron James revealed he's leaving the Cleveland Cavaliers for the Los Angeles Lakers. While basketball fans have mixed feelings over the departure, actor and sports lover Trevor Jackson is all for the big move. 

"Yes, I think it's awesome," he told E! News' Sibley Scoles while walking the red carpet at the 2018 ESPY Awards. "I think it's a big middle finger to anybody who ever just thought they could tell him what to do."

Many have speculated what James' life will be like off the court, and whether he will continue to explore the Hollywood film scene (as many athletes have done). The NBA legend has already appeared in a few TV shows and had a role in the 2015 film Trainwreck. He's also hinted at wanting to appear in a Space Jam sequel.

However, Jackson seemed a bit more hesitant about James heading to the big screen.

"I'm all about people being in movies if you can act," the Grown-ish star said. "If you can't, don't be in movies."

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Still, Jackson agreed Hollywood should give James a shot.

"If he kills it, give him more movies," he said. "If not, cut him off."


Watch the video to see the full interview.

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