Riverdale’s Madelaine Petsch Swears by This Brow Gel

Finally! The solution to all your brow problems

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With all of the many shapes your brows may take on, executing your best brow look is not so easy, even for stars like Madelaine Petsch.

Recently the Riverdale diva took to her YouTube channel to reveal her summer makeup routine, which included a game-changing eyebrow demonstration.

"I've got the stunning brow gel by Pacifica and it's a really nice, cruelty-free brand in the shade golden brown," she shared. "So I kinda just lightly brush the hairs up for a nice full brow that I don't have naturally."

The Stunning Brows Eyebrow Gloss And Set by Pacifica comes in a pocket size tube with a gel-like formula and a brow comb for shaping and lifting. One hundred percent vegan, the mineral-infused ingredients help to fill in the brow with a natural tint. And, the gloss-like texture holds the hairs in place, defining the shape. The brand states that the product will instantly set, protect and nourish your brows—perfect for taming the unruly, curly brow.

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You can find the gloss—sold in two different brow colors, clear and Madelanie's favorite, golden brown—at national retailers like Ulta and Target for approximately $14. So whether it's a brow emergency or a day to try something new, this product is never out of reach. 

No matter if your filling them in or slicking them down, we all need a trusty go-to product when it comes to the art of the brow.

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