The Cast of Riverdale Is Back Together! Check Out Their Sweetest Friendship Moments Ahead of Season 3

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Riverdale is back! Well, the cast is back together at least, and we are officially excited for season three.

Although the return of the hit CW series isn't for a few more months—it returns this October—the cast has headed back to Vancouver to begin filming and you know what that means...lots of goofy photos from set.

Over the past couple of years we've fallen in love with the cast of Riverdale, both on (we see you Betty and Jug) and off screen. While fans are happy to see the stars of the show together all the time, it's clear that the cast mates themselves are even happier to be together whenever they can.

It's clear that the whole gang—from the parents on the series to the high school students—are really close and since we're low-key obsessed with the whole squad we fully support their adorable friendships.

Since we still have to make it through summer however, before we find out what's next for Archie (KJ Apa) and the gang, we've rounded up a few of the cast's sweetest friendship moments to hopefully make the waiting game a little less hard.

PS: We challenge you to not get jealous of these close BFFs while scrolling through our gallery below.

It's us.

Love Lives of Riverdale Stars
Rainbow Gals

On-screen lovers and off-screen BFFs Vanessa Morgan and Madelaine Petsch can't help but smile when they get in some friendship time no matter what time of year it is.

Flying High

"Real Housewives of Riverdale," Petsch captioned this getaway snap of her and Camila Mendes and it is exactly what we would've written alongside this photo as well.

Subway Getaway

Charles Melton and Mendes took a subway ride together in Canada (where Riverdale films) earlier this summer, but it looks more like a train to the past with those fun ensembles.

Pool Party

Mark Consuelos might play a bad guy on The CW series, but off-screen he is everyone's favorite dad. Come on, he hosted a pool party for some of his cast mates and family members in July, because he is a cool dad, not a regular dad.

Serpents Roll Deep

When it comes to cliques among the Riverdale cast, the Southside Serpents are always ready to group together and spend some quality time with one another. This is exactly what Morgan did with two of her snake bros—Drew Ray Tanner and Jordan Connor—once they were all back in Vancouver this summer.

Matching Dudes

Both KJ Apa and Melton are really close in real life and they prove it all the time with their matching shirts!

Ride or Die

Hart Denton might be a little out there on the show, but when it comes to the cast he is definitely a fan favorite, which is why he is frequently seen spending time with his co-stars throughout the year.

Robe Sisters

In July, season three was underway for the Riverdale gals which meant robe time for Lili Reinhart, Mendes and Petsch, duh!

Boys' Club

Boys just wanna have fun least when it comes to Denton, Apa and Cole Sprouse.

The Pussycats

Clearly Josie and the Pussycats AKA Ashleigh Murray, Hayley Law and Asha Bromfield are really close off screen too.

The Gang's All Here

It doesn't matter what scene these actors are on set to shoot they are always having a good time. So, how do we get in all on this fun?!

Sing It Loud

When it came time to celebrate Mendes' birthday this past year, Casey Cott had to give his girl a fun social media shout out. He also showed that these two can karaoke with the best of them.

New Kids In Town

Morgan and Melton might be the newer season regulars on The CW series, but they already have a super close friendship with just about everyone on set.

Carry On

B and V forever!

Birthday Boys

Come on, Cott and Sprouse even had a joint birthday celebration while filming in Canada and our hearts can't handle all the love.

Vixens Unite

Forget Betty, Archie, Jughead and Veronica, the Riverdale Vixens are our favorite foursome on and off screen.


The on-screen siblings couldn't help but laugh as they goofed off together and tried to see which star had the better blonde locks last season.

Pizza Party

Can we get in on this pizza party next time...please?!

All Dressed Up

In May 2018, Reinhart and Sprouse stepped out together at the Met Gala and proved that Betty and Jughead look good all dressed up.

Tea Time

There's nothing like having tea with your TV mom while wearing matching blazers, right? 

Sleepy Time

Late nights on set would be less than ideal, but having a friend to sleep on isn't so bad.

Trailer Shenanigans

It's always a party when you have Morgan and Sprouse in one trailer.

Desert Party

When these besties aren't working together they are dancing in the desert at Coachella and we are officially jealous of their tight bond.

Sun Selfies

Does it get any better than taking a group selfie with your BFFs at an outdoor music festival? We don't think so!

Work Hard, Play Hard

Consuelos loves to sweat it out with his costars and we're not sure which of the actors is more fit these days.

Snuggle Buddies

These two are just the cutest. We now need more Veronica and Cheryl scenes ASAP.


Sometimes you just need a good laugh and with the Riverdale cast there are plenty of laughs to be had.

Mexican Getaway

If you're best friends with your costars, traveling to Mexico City for "work" seems like a fun vacation...without any of the planning.

Just one of the Boys


Scooter Sisters

"One duo, under God, with liberty and scooters for all," Reinhart captioned this scooter shot and we couldn't have said it better ourselves.

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Riverdale returns on Wednesday, Oct. 10 at 8 p.m. on The CW.

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