Nikki Bella Carps About Fiancé John Cena While on Her Parisian Bachelorette Getaway: "It's Really Tough"

By Alyssa Ray Jul 11, 2018 12:00 PMTags
Watch: Nikki Bella Reflects on John Cena as Wedding Approaches

Is Nikki Bella experiencing cold feet?

The WWE star isn't quite in the bachelorette spirit in this clip from Sunday's all-new Total Bellas. While abroad in Paris, France for a bachelorette getaway, Nikki finds herself lamenting about her current relationship with fiancé John Cena.

For starters, while the engaged Bella twin feels really "connected" to the City of Love, John very rarely likes to travel unless it's for work. However, this isn't even the biggest issue weighing on the Total Bellas star.

"This past week he just thought, because he had the week off in San Diego, I was gonna take a week off," Nikki confides in one of her friends. "I'm like busier than ever. So he's like, 'I was really lonely.' I saw him every morning and every evening. Emails don't end just because you want my time. It's really tough."

Nikki Bella and John Cena's Love Story

"It's funny because, the closer and closer I'm getting to the wedding, the more of these deep feelings that I've had over the past six years just are coming to the surface," Nikki further adds in a confessional.

In an attempt to lift Nikki's spirits, her pal reassures her that coming to Paris is for the best. "That's why it's good you had a few days here, even by yourself, just to like rest and do exactly what you want to do," the friends relays.

Clearly still distracted by doubt, Nikki offers up an unconvincing, "Yeah." Will Nikki be able to turn that frown upside down?

Watch the somber conversation in the clip above!

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