Power's Naturi Naughton Uses This $3 Product in the Summer Heat

This star just revealed the drugstore beauty she used at Essence Music Festival

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ESC: Naturi NaughtonBennett Raglin/Getty Images for Essence

In 90-degree weather with 66 percent humidity, Naturi Naughton still manages to look flawless.

Over the weekend, the Power star appeared at the Essence Festival in New Orleans to encourage women to participate in self-care and celebrate their beauty. While festival-goers lined up to speak to the actress, dabbing their foreheads with tissue papers and fanning themselves with paper pamphlets and guides, the actress was noticeably cool and calm—her makeup and hair perfected.

"I like Cantu Edge Control," she told E! News at the My Black Is Beautiful booth in the Convention Center, sharing what's behind her perfect look. "Their edge control—when you have natural hair—it really lays it down. Edge control is a must. It isn't always in my bag, but it's a must."

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The actress uses edge control, which is a paste that helps maintain the hairline, and a rat tail comb, which she keeps in her purse to combat heat. 

"I just need certain things to maintain the look" she continued as she walked to her panel discussion on self-care. "[I use blotting papers to keep from looking oily by Neutrogena."

For the former 3LW singer, keeping products in your purse to refresh your look is only a small part of loving yourself. In fact the actress shared that her character, Tasha, is an example of what not to do. 

"Some times she's supportive to a fault," she said. "Don't just ride for other people to the point where you're not protecting and loving yourself. With Ghost, Tasha is starting to realize that this is not healthy for her. It isn't cool to be 'ride or die.' You have to protect and love yourself first... The hashtag that I really love is #BlacksGirlsDo. This is a moment to tell black women how beautiful they are and to encourage mothers and wives to encourage each other and lift each other up."

Next time you're having a bad beauty day, take power like the actress and run to your purse or fellow women for guidance. 

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