Kristin Cavallari Works to Open Her New Nashville Store While Her Employees Are Butting Heads on Very Cavallari

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She's just getting started! 

Kristin Cavallari is back on your TV screens every week, so get ready. On the premiere episode of Very Cavallari, we met her new emplyees—and maybe frienemies?—for her Nashville retail store Uncommon James. 

Not to mention, we also got a better look inside the mom of two's marriage to football star and hot hubby Jay Cutler, who is absolutely hilarious! So after seven years away from reality TV, what has Kristin been up to? 

Other than her aforementioned marriage and raising three children, Kristin has also been hard at work on her lifestyle brand Uncommon James, which is launching its flagship store in Nashville. While Kristin may have put her hard partying ways and romantic dalliances behind her, for her new employees, the drama is just beginning to unfold. 

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Shannon Ford, Kristin's social media manager may be at the center of it all. On this week's episode, she was struggling to except the fact that Kristin hired Brittainy Taylor as the manager of the store and to be Shannon's boss. Turns out, no one is the boss of Shannon. 

"I knew she was going to be the manager of the store, but I kind of just want her to stay in her lane," Shannon vented to her friend and Uncommon James model Taylor Monaco. Unfortunately, Brittainy overheard their chat and wasn't happy about it. 

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Talking s--t about your boss is not a smart idea! "I walked in on your little pow-wow," she revealed to Shannon. "I heard everything y'all were saying." 

It's unlike Shannon to back down from a challenge. "I would have said it to your face, it was just easier to say it behind your back," Shannon told her. Yep, things just got real. Later that night, during a fun outing, Shannon made sure to tell Brittainy exactly how she felt about her. 

"It's a little unnerving to have someone I can't get along with in the workplace now in our friends setting," Brittainy shared after Shannon called her out for being a killjoy. "I wanted to believe there was a way for us to also create a friendship, but Shannon doesn't want that obviously."

Very Cavallari: Meet the Cast!

Beyond just the Uncommon James employees, we were introduced one of Kristin's besties Kelly Henderson. Kelly is single and looking for love, and Jay and Kristin may just help her find it! After connecting with a cute guy Kristin refers to as "The Canadian," they stalk social media to find him. 

"You're in. You're in on the 'gram," Kristin excitedly asks her after finding out Kelly's follow request was approved. "I'm in, but now I don't now how to proceed," Kelly tells her. Naturally, Kristin seeks Jay's advice to see what he thinks

He doesn't have much to offer other than the classic "play it cool" advice. But Kelly is going to do anything but play it cool and messages "The Canadian" on Instagram. Will this turn into a lifelong love? You have to watch next week's episode to find out! 

Watch the video above for this week's full recap! 

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