Laguna Beach’s Lo Bosworth Is Not a Fan of Vagina Steams

Instead, the Love Wellness founder is into probiotics, vitamins and pH-balancing cleansers

By Diana Nguyen Jul 05, 2018 8:25 PMTags
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Vagina steams are a hot topic—pun intended.

If you're like Chrissy Teigen or Gwyneth Paltrow, you don't mind sitting atop a "mini-throne" while steam rises up to not only cleanse your uterus but serve as an "energetic release," as a goop newsletter described. If you're like Lo Bosworth, however, you'll pass on the feminine hygiene trend.

"I'd avoid!" The Hills star told E! News. "No good reason to kill off good bacteria in there!"

While the reality-star-turned-lifestyle-guru may not be a doctor, she is a big proponent of talking all things vagina care with medical experts. In 2016, Lo launched Love Wellness, a brand of natural feminine hygiene products, including wipes, probiotics (good bacteria) and cleansers, to keep that area, well, v-healthy.

There's no better time to maintain a healthy pH balance than summer, when the heat can lead to increased chances of yeast infections. But if you're feeling overwhelmed or embarrassed over the topic, you're not alone.

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"Standing in the ‘feminine hygiene' aisle at the drugstore was such a demoralizing and embarrassing experience for women, and we deserve products that aren't full of harmful chemicals," Lo noted. "Our products are formulated to address the root causes of common wellness issues, are beautifully packaged and made with the best interest of our customer in mind."

"If you feel uncomfortable [about discussing feminine hygiene], I challenge you to ask yourself what is it about having a vagina that makes you feel embarrassed? Going through that exercise is an easy way to empower oneself, because you'll remember it's simply a part of the human body," she added.

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So while vagina steams may be the latest Hollywood craze—it's not for everyone. It's important to read up on the pros and cons of any treatment. The former reality star's brand is all about naturally maintaining good bacteria ("a low bacteria count can result in infections," reads the Love Wellness site), so it makes sense she would opt out of hot steams and bank on pH-balancing supplements.

But if you think she'd share any intel, beauty or otherwise, with her Laguna Beach-aged self, think again.

"Honestly, I wouldn't give any advice to my younger self," Lo said. "Transitioning into adulthood is all about figuring it out for oneself!"

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