Christina Aguilera Explains Why It Was "Important" to Leave The Voice

Christina Aguilera reveals information about her upcoming tour, new music, and run on The Voice

By Nina Einsidler Jul 03, 2018 10:39 PMTags
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Christina Aguilera reveals why she actually left The Voice

Aguilera took a break from creating music, but is back and better than ever with her new album Liberation. She spoke with the Los Angeles Times about her hiatus, new music, her upcoming tour, and The Voice. 

The singer was a coach on six seasons of The Voice between 2011 and 2016 and became a fan favorite. The pop star revealed in the candid interview that she felt "disconnected for a while and I wasn't in the right head space either being in an environment that was just not good for me."

Christina Aguilera's Best Looks

Aguilera states that at first, "the blind audition thing was very intriguing to me because it provided an opportunity for anybody to get on stage and be discovered, regardless of their look." The singer also added in her opinion about what the work environment was like on set, " I also saw blatant things that I didn't think were okay and that I'm sure no one would want to put up with in a work environment. It was important for me to step away."

The 37 year-old talks about going on her first tour in a decade and what the fans should be expecting. Aguilera mentions that "the idea of the tour has actually scared me."

She reveals that there will be less pressure this time around stating, "with this more intimate tour, it's kind of lessening the pressure. I'm dipping my toe back in the water and also giving my fans a real chance to see me after they haven't in so long."

As for her plans for her kids, the singer plans on bringing her daughter Summer along on tour because she is so little.

Aguilera's Liberation tour starts this September.

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