The Ladies of Model Squad Share Their Hopes and Dreams in This Season One Teaser: Watch Now!

Devon Windsor, Olivia Culpo and others dream of greatness on Model Squad!

By Alyssa Ray Jul 02, 2018 4:05 PMTags

Life as a supermodel isn't necessarily an easy one.

The runway mavens from E!'s new docu-series Model Squad highlight this very point in a brand new teaser. Yes, these ladies are famously stunning, but even they need friends to lean on!

"You need to find a good support system," budding actress and model Caroline Lowe advises in a confessional. "People that like you for being you."

And just because they're naturally gorgeous, it doesn't mean they're not hardworking. Case in point: veteran model Ping Hue expresses that her goal is to "keep dreaming," despite her parents' insistence she change her career path and settle down.

"If this isn't it, what is?" Missouri native turned it-girl Devon Windsor knowingly adds.

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Since a certain grind is expected in the day-to-day of a supermodel, the squad is also eager to achieve a work-life balance. It can't be easy juggling relationships and friendships while navigating the cut-throat fashion world!

"Don't forget to make a life while you're making a living," another Model Squad star notes in a voice over.

Will the catwalk experts remember to heed this advice? Tune into the premiere of Model Squad Tuesday, Sept. 4 to find out!

Get further acquainted with E!'s Model Squad by watching the teaser above!

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