Jay Cutler Jokes He Picks Out "98 Percent" of Kristin Cavallari's Outfits on Very Cavallari

By Vannessa Jackson Jul 03, 2018 2:30 PMTags
Watch: Jay Cutler Picks Out 98 Percent of Kristin Cavallari's Clothes?!

Leave it to the hubby to find the right fit! 

Kristin Cavallari is a fashionista, but that doesn't mean she doesn't ask for wardrobe help every now and then. Who better to ask to get her outfits together than her handsome husband Jay Cutler! On this week's episode of Very Cavallari, Jay reveals he is the stylist behind some of her greatest outfits...kind of! 

"What does one wear to a photoshoot?" Kristin wonders before asking her husband to help her make a sweater decision. "I think I pick out 98 percent of your clothes," he jokes with his wife. "Do people know that I style you?" 

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But Kristin seems to have a different opinion of his fashion services. "It's just easier if you're standing there," she tells him. That seems more reasonable considering Kristin is known for her fashion prowess. 

Later on she needs Jay's help to get a sweater over her head without totally ruining her makeup and hair. Jay obliges, but not before jokingly complaining about having to do everything for her. "I have to pick out your clothes. I have to dress you," he shares. 

Of course Kristin is thrilled to have her hubby's help! "Good thing I have you," she tells him. "What would I do without you?" Aw! They'd win our vote for cutest celeb couple! 

See the hilarious moment in the video above! 

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