LOL! Jay Cutler Teases ''Gameless'' Kristin Cavallari and BFF Kelly for ''Stalking'' Men on Instagram on Very Cavallari

By Alyssa Ray Jul 02, 2018 2:30 PMTags
Watch: Kristin Cavallari Helps BFF Kelly Navigate the Dating World

Kristin Cavallari "created the game" when it comes to dating!

So it only makes sense that she helps her best friend Kelly navigate the "whole dating world" in this clip from the premiere of Very Cavallari. If only husband Jay Cutler was more helpful in this endeavor!

"It's kind of like living vicariously through her," the mother of three notes in a confessional. "Jay and I don't have that like, 'OMG he just texted me! I have little butterflies in my stomach!'"

"I would take my relationship now over any of that, but it's just fun for me to relive those new and exciting feelings through Kelly," Kristin further adds.

Specifically, The Hills alum wisely advises Kelly about what to say while slipping into the Instagram DM of a Canadian suitor. However, while struggling with writer's block, the besties turn to the NFL quarterback for advice.

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"He's gonna roll his eyes so hard," a giddy Kelly quips to Kristin.

And you know what? Kelly isn't wrong!

"You guys met him one time and you're stalking him on social media," Jay jokes after learning the situation.

Nonetheless, after Kelly's beau responds quickly to her message, Jay gets invested and advises her to chill a bit. "Give it an hour," Cutler states to his wife and friend. When the girls don't heed his advice, he accuses them of being "gameless."

Clearly over Jay's criticism, Kristin reminds her man that she "created the game!"

Watch the moment play out in the clip above!

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