Was Harry Potter a Jock or a Nerd? Fans Are Divided Over This Theory

A new fan theory was posted to Reddit and it's making us rethink everything

By Jennifer Cullen Jun 26, 2018 1:47 AMTags
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We're seeing the boy who lived in a whole new light.

On Sunday, a Reddit user posted an interesting Harry Potter fan theory on the ShowerThoughts thread:

"Harry Potter isnt a nerd, he is a jock. He didnt try very hard in school, cheated on homework constantly, was a sports star, and ended up joining the police/military."

We've always seen the titular character as a nerd type, maybe because of his glasses and awkward demeanor. But the more we think about it, the more we agree that Harry may be different than we saw him on first glance.

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More Reddit users chimed in with more evidence supporting the original poster's theory. One pointed out that Harry was a rich kid, and never truly faced consequences for his actions. Another argued that Hermione was the true nerd of the group.

The theory makes even more sense when considering that Harry's deceased father, James Potter, was also known as a jock type to his classmates.


One user argued that Harry was only a "nerd" in the first book, writing, "It's actually the whole purpose to show him basically being the weird kid in the muggle world, but basically a hero in the real world. It is indeed a weird shower thought as the whole intent there is to show that there opened up a world where he isn't the weird nerdy guy."

Given these convincing arguments, we have a lot to think about.

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