Inside Mandy Moore's California Dream Home

This Is Us's star gives Architectural Digest a sneak peek into her home

By Nina Einsidler Jun 22, 2018 6:46 PMTags
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Mandy Moore took fans on a tour of her 1950s-inspired home in the July/August issue of Architectural Digest

The 34-year-old actress lives in Pasadena Hill with a beautiful view of the San Gabriel mountains and valley. In addition to the incredible view, the $2.6 million home includes a pool and a gorgeous yard.

The house needed some interior work, but Moore and her designers didn't want to completely gut it. To revitalize the interior, they installed white terrazzo floors, which gave the house an incredible canvas to work with. They also restored the blond brick walls, fireplace, and the copper fireplace hood that separates the living and dining rooms. Moore even put a piano and record player in the living room for entertainment purposes.

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It's obvious Moore and her fiancé, Taylor Goldsmith, found a home in this place. "We fell in love with the views, the pool, the yard, basically the whole energy of the place," Moore recalled.

They created this home to build a new life for them and their dogs Joni and Jackson. Moore told AD,  "This house signifies the next chapter of my life—as an adult, a woman, and a performer. I was able to pour all of who I am into making this place."

According to Architectural Digest, the pair had been searching for nearly a year until they found this perfect home. Moore claimed Goldsmith left the majority of the work to her and the design team she created; "Taylor was as involved as he wanted to be. He had opinions about certain things, but his only real demands were for bookshelves—he's a voracious reader—and room for a baby grand piano and a turntable," she said.

The This Is Us actress has loved every second of the process. 

"It still amazes me. We saw the potential of this house and brought it back to life," she told the magazine. "It's hard to convey the excitement of working out every detail, from picking slabs at the stone yard to figuring out how many burners we wanted for the stove. Once you realize that you can actually build your true dream house, it's hard to go back to anything else." 

To see more of Moore's home, watch the following Architectural Digest video. 

You can also see more photos by visiting and checking out the magazine's latest issue.

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