Surprise, There's a New Queer Eye Episode!

The Fab Five has gone down under for their latest "make-better."

By Billy Nilles Jun 21, 2018 10:00 PMTags

Before season two of Queer Eye dropped on Netflix, we told you the Fab Five had their sights set on going global in the future. And now, less than a week after the new episodes hit our Netflix queue, they have!

In a just-released mini "make-better," the guys went down under to the incredibly named Yass, Australia to give a hardworking farmer named George as well as a local town bistro the tried and true Queer Eye treatment.

"Here's the thing," Jonathan Van Ness says as the guys drive through the Australian countryside to go over their dossier. "I think because Australia just legalized their same-sex marriage moment, it's only fitting that we would sweep into a gorgeous little town and create a gorgeous community moment because, honey, is this rolling hill moment everything? Yes! Do they need a more pulled-together bistro? Probably."

The Cast of Queer Eye's Best Friend Moments

The mini episode, available to stream on Netflix or to simply watch above, may only be 20 minutes in length, but you get all the goodness that Jonathan, Antoni Porowski, Tan France, Karamo Brown, and Bobby Berk usually deliver in a full hour. There's singing, there's tears, there's hugs, there's Antoni's questionable food expertise. It's all there!

In honor of their contribution to the town, the Mayor of Yass took the time out to crown the Fab Five "Yass Queens." Can you believe?!

The Fab Five are itching to take their show on the road and out of the Atlanta area where they filmed seasons one and two. "The thing is that we had a great time in Georgia, to shoot the episodes and meet the Heroes here. But the thing is our Instagrams and DMs get lit from people around the world that are just like, 'Can you come to my city? Can you come to my town? Can you come to my country?' And my hope is that we can just continue to go from city to city—," Karamo told E! News before Tan cut him off.

"Country to country," the fashion expert added as his co-stars nodded in agreement.

"And just help people because what we do is universal. It doesn't matter if you are in a small town or a big city or you're overseas," Karamo continued. "The Fab Five can help you." Looks like they got their wish!

Queer Eye is now available to stream on Netflix.

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