Nikki Bella Argues With Brie About Who Should Walk Her Down the Wedding Aisle: "I Just Feel So Confused"

By Alyssa Ray Jun 21, 2018 1:00 PMTags
Watch: Nikki Bella Can't Decide Who Will Walk Her Down the Aisle

Nikki Bella is "so confused" when it comes to planning her wedding.

Although Nikki's engagement to John Cena is back on, it seems she can't escape the drama in this clip from Sunday's all-new Total Bellas. Thankfully, the new drama has nothing to do with her fiancé, as the WWE star struggles to pick the person she wants to walk her down the aisle.

To make matters worse, sister Brie Bella has plenty of opinions to share on the matter. Specifically, Brie thinks their mom Kathy Colace should be the one to walk Nikki down the aisle.

"I'm just saying it would make mom super happy," the mother of one notes in defense of Kathy. "I think it would make her life."

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Apparently, Colace had a bit of an "attitude" while discussing the time Brie decided to have dad Jon Garcia walk her down the aisle.

"It's my wedding though, right?" Nikki snaps. "Here's the one that keeps telling me, 'This wedding's about you.'"

"This is a really big decision, and for me, it's a very emotional decision," the reality TV veteran later relays in a confessional. "To think of the relationship I have with my father and other male relationships I have, I just feel so confused. There's part of me that wants to get married and there's a part of me that just wants to be alone."

In an attempt to settle the situation, Brie and Nikki's Nana suggests that Kathy walk her down the aisle.


Nonetheless, the conversation has left Nikki stressed out about her nuptials and blames Brie for stirring the pot.

"I just feel like this wedding turns into what everyone else wants but me," Nikki states. "I don't want this whole thing to turn into like, 'Who's going to walk Nicole down the aisle?' As if it's like some game show."

Per John's fiancée, their mom, dad, brother and several others are all still contenders for the escort job. This isn't enough to appease Brie though, as she reminds her sister that their mom "sacrificed her whole life" for them!

Watch the tense conversation in the clip above!

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