Rihanna Playfully Shades Helena Bonham Carter's Fashion to Her Face

Appearing with her Ocean's 8 co-stars, Rihanna talked style and recalled wearing a massive yellow "omelet" dress robe at the 2015 Met Gala

By Corinne Heller Jun 16, 2018 10:39 PMTags

While Rihanna and Helena Bonham Carter's fashion choices could not be more different, they both regularly turn heads on the red carpet with their eclectic styles. 

That said, RiRi couldn't help but playfully throw some shade at her Ocean's 8 co-star on The Graham Norton Show on Friday after they and fellow cast members Sandra BullockCate Blanchett and Sarah Paulson were asked if they had been to the annual Met Gala, one of the biggest celebrity fashion events.

"I have not," Carter said.

"That's 'cause you wear dresses like that," Rihanna said, pointing at her outfit.

Carter, who wore a wild patterned silk dress, burst out laughing and tapped the singer on her shoulder.

"That's right, that's entirely right," she said. "I'm gonna cry now." 

Carter has been unapologetic about her fashion style, telling Grazia in 2011, "I love fashion and I love to have fun with it...I don't care what anyone else thinks. I dress the way I want to, not for anyone else."

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Rihanna has often attended the Met Gala and remains one of the most anticipated guests thanks to her unique styles. In 2015, she stole the show with a super long yellow Guo Pei dress robe that inspired multiple memes, including one comparing her outfit to an omelet.

On the Graham Norton Show, Rihanna's co-stars, including Carter, teased her about her look, which she herself dubbed "the yellow situation."

"I got a stretch limo, girls...the garmet-" she began.

"The omelet," Paulson said.

"Yeah, the omelet," Rihanna said. "I put it in the car first and then I had to put it on in the car...the train actually had to come out first so I that I wasn't like, dragging it out."

"You must've had some handmaidens," Carter said.

"And it was all choreographed," Rihanna said.

"And were they all in the car with you?" Blanchett asked.

"Yes," Rihanna replied.

"Under the omelet?" Blanchett joked.

"I can't lift that thing by myself," Rihanna said. "Six people helped me up the stairs."

Host Graham Norton asked the singer where the dress is now.

"You wear it every breakfast?" Carter asked.

"All these [outfits], I either keep them in archive or I have to send it back," Rihanna said.


Also during the show, Norton poked fun of how Rihanna is often photographed carrying a drink in a glass out of nightclubs and even a fashion show, and showed her several pics.

"That might have been one that I took to the club," she said.

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