Lena Dunham Mourns the Sudden Death of Her Cat Gia

"Gone but never forgotten," the actress writes on Instagram

By Nina Einsidler Jun 15, 2018 5:41 PMTags

There is nothing harder than losing a beloved pet.

Yesterday, Lena Dunham's cat Gia passed away suddenly. The actress posted a few photos of her feline friend on Instagram to share the story of the tragic event with her followers.

Dunham posted an adorable photo of her cat captioning it, "How do I even begin to type these words: this morning we lost the beautiful Gia Marie. It was sudden and beyond anyone's control and @greer_lankton_archives_museum and I were holding her in our collective arms during her final moments. Gia loved people, playing with colorful tulle and above all she loved her sister Irma. She was my love, my dearest companion, and her kisses and hugs made every morning a celebration. Our hearts are broken, but we will never forget the nine months she graced this pained planet with her radiance. #giamarieforever."

Celebrity Pets on Instagram

The Girls star frequently shares photos of her pets with her fans, and this morning she posted another one revealing what exactly happened. 

In the caption, she describes the physical side-effects she experienced as she arrived at work that cause her to rush home. "Yesterday I was due at work at 8am. Showed up, watched rehearsal, drank my Starbucks, chill times. But at 8:15 I started to feel sick. Chills, sore throat, rapid descent. So I told Jenni I had to go home. Now. It just felt urgent. I walked in the door and found Gia limp and wheezing," she writes. "She died in my arms at 9:15 as we rushed to the vet. She called me home. I'm so glad I listened. #giamarieforever."

We are sorry for you loss, Lena. Stay strong!

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