Will Smith Just Won Throwback Thursday With Video of Willow's First Ballet Class

Proud dad recalls his first visit to Dance Dimensions where someone was "scared as heck"

By Mike Vulpo Jun 15, 2018 1:32 AMTags

Kids grow up so fast don't they parents?!

Throwback Thursday is always a great time to relive fond memories of that epic event you went to or that awesome selfie you took when the lighting was absolutely perfect.

Or for Will Smith this week, it was the perfect time to showcase Willow Smith's fun personality that was already on display before she whipped her hair back and forth.

In an Instagram posted Thursday afternoon, the actor took fans back to his daughter's very first ballet class. What came next was never-before-seen footage we can't get enough of.

"I found this video of @willowsmith's first Ballet class.  She was terrified!!" he shared. "She tried to cancel the night before. She was getting physically sick from Fear.  She thought that it was going to be Painful & that she wouldn't be good at it. #tbt."

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Spoiler alert: Her first trip to Dance Dimensions was a success and provided a valuable lesson to us all.

"Flexibility we have, posture, turnout and a big smile," her instructor shared with Will in the video. "That's what you need."

After such a successful first class, what did Willow think when realizing she was so nervous hours before?

"It feels good. Since I did it, can I treat me to a book?" she asked dad. Will responded, "Anything you want to say for when you get older?"

"Just do it," Willow shared with a giant smile on her face.

Someone deserves a lot of credit this Father's Day weekend. Thanks for sharing, Will!

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