I Wore a Kim Kardashian-Inspired Wig and This Is What Happened

After wearing 6 celeb-inspired wigs, check out the one I chose!

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What if we thought of wigs like beautiful hats? What if we picked our hair like we picked outfits, grabbing the one that best fits our current mood?

Once upon a time, wigs and weaves were only talked about in private conversations. They were the best kept secret. The goal was to find a style that looked so natural, no one would ever know that it wasn't your hair. 

Those days are gone (for the most part). Wigs and weaves are so ingrained in pop culture that you may assume that most people are wearing a wig on the red carpet. Hair pros like Tokyo Stylez, who makes wigs for Kylie Jenner, Naomi Campbell and Cardi B, are making an impact by creating looks that look better than most people's natural hair. Plus, for celebrities and beauty bloggers, being in front of a camera every day requires that your hair is laid all the time, and putting frequent heat on your natural tresses is never a good idea. Wigs are the perfect solution, offering the hairstyle of your choice instantly.

Festival-Ready Celebrity Hairstyles That Will Actually Make You Stand Out

For someone like me, wigs are a breath of fresh air. My hair has been the same since the second grade—black, mid-back and chemical-free. It seems like I've been on a lifelong mission for healthy and long hair, which has left me very limited in hairstyles. Yet, no matter how much I prioritize healthy hair, I can't deny my angst for a change. I go between my naturally curly hair, braids and Dominican blowouts to try to soothe it, but it's isn't enough.

Although I've been too scared to try anything new, that hasn't stopped me from adding my favorite celebrity hairstyles to my Pinterest beauty inspiration board. A girl can dream! Then one day when I scrolling through my Pinterest, I got an email from Perfect Locks, who transformed some of my favorite celeb looks into wigs. My dream came true. I could finally live my hair fantasy with no fear of my hair's health.

Check out all of the looks I tried below! 

Jenna Dewan-Tatum's Wavy Lob

Since my hair is only slightly darker and longer than this wig, it was the easiest to wear. I didn't feel like I was stepping out of my look. It felt more like I got a great haircut. So, I chose to ease myself into wigs by wearing this one first.

Not surprisingly, most people didn't know I was wearing a wig. My co-workers gave me confused looks, while they tried to sweetly discern why I looked different—"Did you do something new to your hair?" When I revealed that I was wearing a wig, the responses were overwhelmingly positive, even at the intimate dinner party that I attended after work.

It wasn't until I went out that I started to be self-conscious. I don't know why, but when I entered the Hollywood Palladium for concert sponsored by Levi's, I was more aware than ever that I was wearing a wig. I was uncomfortable, even though I kept telling myself there was absolutely nothing to be weird about.

Wig: Perfect Locks Moxie Lace Front Wig

Top: Tobi 

Rita Ora's Champagne Pop of Pink

The best way to try out a new look: Randomly call all of your closest friends and family on FaceTime. You cannot warn them about your pink hair. My mother was besides herself.

"You bleached your hair?! No, it will never be the same. You went so long without chemicals. Why did you do this?!"

She was in mourning and it took everything in me to not laugh at her attachment to my hair—my untouched hair that was currently braided. Her mood instantly changed when I told her it was wig. "It's so cute," she said with a smile.

After, I put on pink cat-eye sunglasses and a pink fur-trimmed coat and called my best friend. She spent about 20 minutes trying to take screenshots while hysterically laughing at me and calling me "Strawberry Diamond," because it made me feel so sassy.

Wig: Rosé Lace Front

Denim Jacket: Tobi San Vicente Oversized Denim Jacket

Kerry Washington's Long Bangs

I've always thought that bangs were an easy way to change your look. It doesn't take hairstylists long to cut them and if you don't like them, in a couple of months, they're gone with no effort on your part. Best case scenario: You look chic and mysterious like Kerry. Worst case scenario: You don't. 

I didn't. They just don't shape my face well. But, I did have an Olivia Pope moment. In my lace, collared top, I felt feminine, but also powerful and no nonsense. It's a good wig to wear to a meeting.

Wig: Fringe With Benefits

Top: Morning Lavendar Juliette Black Lace Top

Victoria Beckham's Chic Bob

This wig actually came straight. But, I wanted it to have a wave to have an effortless appeal like Victoria's more recent looks, so I added waves to the end. I was excited about it, because I like this look when it appears a bit lived in. This means if I was in a big rush in the morning, I could probably grab this look and feel as chic as the designer.

When I wore it, however, I compared it to my first look, and I like the volume of the first wig better. 

Wig: Posh Lace Front

Top: Hello Molly Point of Return Crop Top

Kim Kardashian's Long Brunette Hair

Growing up, it seemed like everyone wanted long hair. Most of the time, my friends added tracks to extend their length, but occasionally, I'd see a lace-front wig. When I wore the look, I couldn't help but focus on how hot it was making me. Between the braids, wig cap, wig and the hair on my neck, I questioned my ability to wear it anywhere warm. 

It was also the first time that I wore highlights, and surprisingly, I didn't love them as much as I thought I would. I love my black hair. Once I put on the nude dress and translucent heels, however, I feel like girly and sweet, making it hard for me to smize for the camera.

Wig: Boho Beauty

Dress: Tobi Kylie Nude Bodycon

Beyoncé's Honey Blonde

Honey blonde looks so good on Queen Bey. I mean, it's so impactful that if you have a similar complexion to the singer, bleaching your hair has probably crossed your mind. I've thought about it more than once, but taking my 1B hair (close to black) to blonde will require a lot of wear and tear on my hair. 

When I finally tried the look on, I was pretty happy that I didn't go out on a limb. It didn't give me Sasha Fierce vibes. 

Wig: Valley Girl Lace Front

Top: Rainbow Off the Shoulder Drawstring Top

Jewelry: 21HM Aisha Choker

Five years ago, if you were to ask me how I felt about wearing wigs, I would share that I was not down. Now, I'm embarrassed by what I missed out on due to fear of judgement. Now that I have a champagne-tinted wig to call my own, I have absolutely no shame in my wig game. 

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