Queer Eye's Fab Five Wants to Take the Show Global

Jonathan Van Ness, Antoni Porowski, Bobby Berk, Tan France and Karamo Brown preview the Netflix hit's second season, dropping Friday, June 15

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Queer Eye, the roadshow? 

For two seasons now, the wildly successful Netflix reboot has stayed put in Georgia, bring the new Fab Five's services to those in need in small towns near Atlanta. But the stars of the show are hoping that might change in future seasons. After all, they see your tweets and Instagram DMs. They know you want their help too.

"The thing is that we had a great time in Georgia, to shoot the episodes and meet the Heroes here. But the thing is our Instagrams and DMs get lit from people around the world that are just like, 'Can you come to my city? Can you come to my town? Can you come to my country?' And my hope is that we can just continue to go from city to city—," Karamo Brown told E! News before Tan France cut him off.

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Watch: Fab Five Would Love for "Queer Eye" to Go International

"Country to country," the fashion expert added as his co-stars nodded in agreement.

"And just help people because what we do is universal. It doesn't matter if you are in a small town or a big city or you're overseas," Brown continued. "The Fab Five can help you."

Until that happens, however, keep sliding into those DMs (respectfully, of course) because the guys really do love it. "It's great. It feels lovely when people truly feel like they're your friend, so they will DM us," France said. "I know we all get this, but they will ask my fashion advice. They will send me pictures from the fitting room...I love that. That's how they've connected with me. They know that I'm there to help, that we're there to help" 

For season two, dropping on the streaming service on Friday, June 15, the Heroes on the receiving end of the Fab Five's help were big more varied when compared to last season's roster of cisgender, mostly straight males. "One of the biggest difference is that they're not all male. We help a woman, we help a transgender male," Bobby Berk, the show's resident design expert, teased. "It's a lot more diverse then it was the first time around. I think that's the biggest shockers."

And it's that woman in the season's premiere who seemed to have taught the Fab Five the greatest of lessons, as both Jonathan Van Ness and Antoni Porowski shared how spending time with her really opened their eyes.

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"One thing I noticed with working with them is that she is in a place where gives so much love and she's not in a place where she wants to receive a lot of love. The focus just isn't really on her," Van Ness explained. "And I've learned with myself is it's a lot harder to accept praise than it is to give it. So kind of just the ability to take a compliment and give yourself that self-love. I preach a lot about it, but we all need to take that advice."

"I feel like tend to be a little stubborn and jaded with certain things, and with meeting Tammy in episode one, when she talked about accepting her son's sexuality, she realized that it wasn't a problem with him or with the Bible. But it was the way that she decided to look at it," Porowski added. "That's such a symbol for perspective and the way that we look at something. The facts always remain the same, but...she decided to change her perspective on it and that's possible for anybody. It doesn't matter how conservative or liberal you are or anywhere in between."

For more from the Fab Five, including which new celeb fans have excited them the most, be sure to check out the videos above!

Queer Eye returns for season two on Friday, June 15 on Netflix.

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