These 5 Moments From the New Halloween Trailer Will Give You Nightmares

Watch the sneak peek...if you dare

By Elyse Dupre Jun 08, 2018 5:41 PMTags

It may be June, but horror film fans have Halloween on the brain.

Universal Pictures released the trailer for the new movie Halloween on Friday. The movie is a follow up to the 1978 film. Jamie Lee Curtis reprises her role as Laurie to once again face Michael Myers, the masked murderer she escaped 40 years ago.

The film is directed by David Gordon and produced by Blumhouse Productions, Miramax and Trancas International Films—the latter of which has produced the series since the very beginning.

The scary movie is filled with bone-chilling scenes. Here are five moments from the trailer that could keep you up at night.

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1. When Michael Myers creepily drops bloody teeth over a bathroom stall

2. When you see him pull on the mask.

3. When you see him wielding his knife

4. When you see him staring at Laurie through the window

5. When you see him hiding in the closet

Watch the trailer to see the rest of the sneak peek...if you dare!

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