Ellen DeGeneres Still Scares Anne Hathaway After Prank Goes Awry

Even after a technical difficulty, the talk-show host still managed to scare the actress

By Elyse Dupre Jun 07, 2018 3:52 PMTags
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Anne Hathaway is the latest victim of one of Ellen DeGeneres' pranks. 

The talk-show host scared the Ocean's 8 star while playing a game called "Ocean's 1 Word" on Thursday's episode of The Ellen DeGeneres Show.

Each celebrity took turns giving one-word clues to get the other to guess a word on her card. Even before the prank, the actress seemed a bit nervous about the game. 

"I'm so bad at this," the Academy Award winner said before giving herself a pep talk. "Shut up! Get some confidence! Grow up."

After two successful rounds, Hathaway struggled to guess the word "trophy" from DeGeneres' clues. Luckily, the audience helped her out.

"Thank you!" Hathaway said. "We would have been here for three years. I was not even close."

When it was time for her to guess again, Hathaway told DeGeneres to make this round "as painful as possible." DeGeneres did as she was told and tried to prank The Devil Wears Prada star; although, she had a little trouble doing it. After a technical difficulty, DeGeneres continued to kick the table the two were sitting at to signal the prankster to jump out. However, Hathaway didn't catch on.

"Are you tapping that out of nervousness or are you Morse-coding me the answer?" she asked. 

So when a man in a running suit jumped out of the table, Hathaway was so startled she screamed.

Watch the video to see the hilarious prank.

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In addition to recovering from the prank, Hathaway talked about her level of camaraderie with her Ocean's 8 cast. 

"We just loved each other so much," she said, "and it was so special."

Hathaway said this film was particularly significant to her because it was the first movie she'd done since giving birth to her son, Jonathan Rosebanks Shulman. After the birth, Hathaway said "the weight was really slow to come off." However, she felt a ton of love from her co-stars. 

"Sandy Bullock just looks up and goes, ‘Lookin' good, mama.' I was like, ‘Ooh, that made me feel amazing,'" she recalled. "And then Cate Blanchett goes ‘Nice jeans, Hathaway.'" 

However, the most memorable comment may have come from Rihanna.

"Then Rihanna looks up and goes ‘Damn girl, you got a ass,'" Hathaway recalled. "And I, of course, was freaked out and loved it so much and I was like ‘Really?' and she goes, ‘You got a ass like me.'"

To see Hathaway's full interview, watch The Ellen DeGeneres Show Thursday at 3:00 p.m. EST.

Ocean's 8 hits theaters June 8.

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