The Bachelorette Wants Becca to Leave Arie in the Past, Even Though It Doesn't Seem Ready to Do the Same

Plus, Colton's history with Tia has our girl thrown for quite a loop

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It's only week two of The Bachelorette, and already s--ts getting real.

The men vying for Becca Kufrin's heart have wasted no time in letting their crazy out, and already our poor girl is beginning to question if she'll have truly found someone to spend the rest of our life with when this whole thing is said and done. She's got one suitor who's seems too into himself to ever offer anything of substance to a partner (male model Jordan), one who's already showing signs of aggression that aren't too attractive (frame thrower Connor), and one who's got an uncomfortable connection to her friend and fellow Bachelor alum Tia (Colton).

But before we break down her dudes, let's talk a little bit about the recurring theme of Becca's dates this week and why they left us with a weird feeling in our stomach.

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It's no secret that a big part of Becca's story is what Arie Luyendyk Jr. did to her, rescinding his proposal on national television so he could pursue the runner-up from his season, but should it be the defining part as well? The show can't seem to decide where it stands on that. In her important one-on-one date with Blake, the show whisked Becca away to a dilapidated warehouse in downtown Los Angeles and handed her a sledgehammer. 

"I know you suffered some serious heartbreak. And if you're gonna move forward and find love here and look to the future, you have to deal with the past," host Chris Harrison told her. "Everything you need to do that is right here."

As she and Blake entered the warehouse, they were confronted with a bunch of physical representations of her relationship with Arie. There was a race car with his number on it, a stack of TVs playing his proposal to her on a loop, even a recreation of the living room he dumped her in. As Lil Jon popped up to explain (because sure, why not?) "Today, as you can see, we got a lot of stuff in here that's connected to bad memories. So all you're gonna do today is purge those memories by destroying it all."

It was an insane moment, with the rapper and DJ acting as hype man for her while she decimated everything in sight, but it seemed to offer her some catharsis. But how can she move on from him if the show won't?

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Not only was her one-on-one Arie-themed, but so were both of her group dates, with one involving the guys completing a wedding-themed obstacle course as Bryan Abasolo (there with Rachel Lindsay to offer some help, we guess) remarking that the faux proposal at the end of the race needed to make Becca "forget about that other guy and make it count this time." And the other was a dodgeball game where some school children shouted at the guys, telling them they were playing this particular game because Becca "dodged a bullet with that loser Arie last season." 

We get that it's easy to go back to the Arie well, but here's hoping that the producers pull back on it. She's on a new journey and she doesn't need to be reminded of him at every single turn.

As for the fellas, we've already got our first accusation of the season of someone not being there for the right reasons with Jordan's underwear stunt at the rose ceremony cocktail party. We're not sure what his deal is, and we're wondering how he managed to keep a straight face while arguing that wearing his underwear was somehow "not me trying to get attention." 

And a second rivalry has already cropped up between Connor and Lincoln after that contentious first group date. Lincoln, too, seems to not be 100 percent genuine, between his showboating with the framed photo (talking to it as if it were Becca herself in front of the guys was possibly the most annoying thing we've seen in a while) and his tears over it being broken, but Connor was a little too hot-headed in his reaction. Becca should be a bit wary of both.


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As for Colton, his revelation that he had a brief relationship with Tia seemed to have thrown Becca for the biggest loop. He assures her it was brief and didn't have any chance of growing, otherwise he wouldn't have come on the show, but between the shock of the news and his struggle to articulate what he wants to say, she basically shut down on him. She told him it made her feel a little bit sick, while later admitting in a confessional that she's always going to wonder if he came on the show hoping Tia was in her place. 

She doesn't even feel like carrying on much of a follow-up convo during the cocktail party before the rose ceremony, telling him she doesn't want to invest any more before getting some clarity, but winds up giving him the last rose anyway. But clarity is on the way, with Tia popping up in the preview of next week.

With all the drama, there were still some moments of connection this week, especially during the one-on-one with Blake. There seems to be a chance for a real connection there. Becca also sparked to Jean Blanc and Wills, offering them roses after their respective group dates. As for who went home, Alex, Rickey and Trent (who we can't even remember getting any camera time this week) got the chop. Farewell to them.

The Bachelorette airs Mondays at 8 p.m. on ABC.


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