Watch Christina El Moussa Walk Off Flip or Flop After Arguing With Ex-Husband Tarek

HGTV stars reunite in their first house flipping since getting a divorce

By Mike Vulpo Jun 01, 2018 2:46 AMTags

Flipping houses isn't what it used to be for one HGTV couple.

As Flip or Flop returned with new episodes Thursday night, Tarek El Moussa and Christina El Moussa renovated their first home as a divorced couple.

While the reality stars warned fans that there may be some disagreements in the new season, some fans were surprised to see just how tense things became when they got back to work.

"Tarek always does this. He tries to shut me up because he thinks he can't get a word in and then he doesn't even have anything to say," Christina shared with the cameras. "That's our relationship in a nut shell."

After disagreeing over a patio design, Christina decided to walk away from the property and take a stroll in the Diamond Bar, Calif. neighborhood. Tarek soon followed hoping to get some clarity on their professional and personal relationship.

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"First of all, you won't even let me say a word. Second of all, we have a house to do," Tarek explained. "What's the real problem then? Tell me."

Christina replied, "There's absolutely nothing going on with me. I'm talking about designing the patio and you always interrupt."

Ultimately, Tarek confessed that he doesn't really appreciate when his ex teases him about everything from his dating life to his new facial hair.

"You keep asking me about dating, you keep prying in my business, and I just want to be left alone. I can't come in here and do my job when you make me feel uncomfortable," he explained. "You make me feel uncomfortable. When you do that, it throws me off because I just want to live my life. I want to come here and do my job and I can't do my job if you don't let me talk, if you storm off. We're trying to fix a house. We can't do any of these things if you're gonna act like this."

Soon after, Christina realized she may need to lay off on the teasing—even if she doesn't mean any harm.

"Sometimes I forget that I can't tease Tarek the way I used to. And maybe it's a coping mechanism for seeing him out there on the dating scene. I don't know, it's all new territory," she shared before calling a truce. "I totally understand what you're saying. I should respect your boundaries. I swear I was just joking. I was just trying to make light of it. I won't do it again."

So did the talented duo complete the renovations and make a profit? You have to watch the episode to find out.

Flip or Flop airs Thursday nights at 9 p.m. only on HGTV.

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