How Donald Trump Helped Inspire Amanda Seyfried to Marry Thomas Sadoski

Actress talks to Elle U.K. about life at home with her husband and their baby girl

By McKenna Aiello May 31, 2018 11:01 PMTags
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If it weren't for President Donald TrumpAmanda Seyfried might still be a single gal. 

The Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again star tells Elle U.K. in a new interview that after the former reality TV star won the 2016 presidential election, she felt inspired to take a leap of faith and tie the knot with Thomas Sadoski

Amanda and Thomas secretly eloped in March 2017, and as she explains to the mag, "It was one of those things where Trump had gotten elected, the world was going mad, and I was like, 'This is a dream I might never wake up from. If that's the case, let's just get married.'"

Shortly thereafter, the longtime couple welcomed their first child together, a baby girl whose name has not been revealed. 

Hollywood Gets Political

Seyfried admits that motherhood has impacted all facets of her life, especially as an actress.  "Things are better now I'm older, rather than as a teenager, when I was treated terribly," she explains.

Referencing her colleagues, the Hollywood star recalls them saying, "'Oh, you're in your 30's now? I guess I can trust your opinion, or trust you'll show up to work on time.' Even though I've never, ever been late, even as a 15-year-old. But I feel like now I have a kid, it just goes without saying that I'm responsible… I learned after having a child: not to take things so personally, because it's such a waste of time.'"

Read the full interview with Seyfried in the July issue of Elle U.K., on sale June 6. 

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