The Americans Co-Creators Have No Interest in a Spinoff or Revival

Following The Americans series finale, co-creators Joe Weisberg and Joel Fields shot down any rumors of a spinoff or revival series

By Tierney Bricker May 31, 2018 1:00 PMTags
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Apologies, comrades. 

The Americans ended its six-season run on FX on Wednesday night, and (spoiler alert!), in a surprising move, Philip (Matthew Rhys) and Elizabeth (Keri Russell), along with the rest of the main characters, made it out alive. But were the spies able to hold off the grim reaper because the network eventually wants to revisit the series with a spinoff or a revival? Short answer? Nope!

"I'm going to say no, although [a reporter] was pitching a sequel called Better Summon Stavos, which we thought was pretty funny," co-creator Joe Weisberg joked of the reference to Better Call Saul, Breaking Bad's spinoff. And co-creator Joel Fields added, "Yes, and I Male Robot could be pretty compelling, too."

But all joking aside, Weisberg and Fields feel OK with leaving the world of The Americans behind, with Weisberg saying, "We feel it's done."

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Acknowledging the recent revival and reboot trend dominating TV, Fields joked, "Oh, you're going to be just throwing this quote in on our face five years from now, aren't you?

"I mean in all seriousness, I really don't think so," he continued, shooting down the idea of eventually revisiting the critically acclaimed drama. "It really feels like this one wants to be fully told at this point. it feels like that kind of story. It does seem like the story is over to us."

Of course, one potential spinoff opportunity could've been a series focused on Philip and Elizabeth's children Paige (Holly Taylor) and Henry (Keidrich Sellati) dealing with the fall out of the series finale and grappling with the impact their parents' double lives had on their own futures. 


But Weisberg and Fields were hesitant to weigh in on where they think the  Jennings children eventually ended up. 

"We're going to pretty much leave that up to you," Weisberg explained. "It's worth noting that in a way, we always from the very beginning of the show thought of Henry as being, the, you know, the kind of most American or most fully American person in this whole family then in a way he not really inherited the Russian soul of either of his parents. Whereas Paige it seemed to us was American but had also gotten her mom and dad's Russian soul. If you agree with that, which you may or may not. But that seemed to be the story that got told. You can think about that when you think about their future and what it might hold for them and what the possibilities are."

He continued, "But we're certainly leaving that at the end of show. What extremely dark and tragic and difficult moment for both of them. Everybody's got a lot of hurdles in front of them. But who's to say what they're going to do with those hurdles?"

We guess we'll never really know. 

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