Meghan Markle's Suits Co-Stars Share Their Well Wishes About Her "Extraordinary" Big Day

You can take the girl out of TV but you can't stop her co-stars from having the sweetest reactions to her big day

By Vannessa Jackson May 19, 2018 12:12 AMTags

There is only one more day until the wedding of the year! 

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry will be husband and wife tomorrow, and although the last week has been a long journey to get here, it looks like things are finally shaping up for the happy couple. Of course there are still some exciting details left to be revealed, like who Meghan will be wearing for the big day. 

No matter what happens, Meghan not only has the support of the royal family backing her up, but all of her old TV friends are showing their support for the bride. "This is an incredible step in her life and so to bear witness to that is extraordinary," her Suits co-star Gina Torres shared on Today. What other celebs are set to make an appearance? 

Get all the latest details in the clip above! 

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