Relive Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt's Funniest Lines to Get You Ready for the Season 4 Premiere!

By Johnni Macke May 17, 2018 6:37 PMTags

All-new episodes of Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt are coming this month. We repeat, there are new Kimmy Schmidt episodes on their way!

So far, fans of the Netflix comedy have been blessed with three hilarious seasons of Tina Fey's show. Now, we're getting a fourth season and the first half of it drops on May 30. Since we do still have to wait a little while—about two weeks—we need something to give us our Kimmy fix in the meantime.

You could binge-watch the first three seasons over the next week or so, or you could relive the best moments via quotes. We have faith in your binging abilities but looking through Kimmy (Ellie Kemper) and her friends' best quotes over the years is easier and equally as awesome.

It could be of all the times that Kimmy used "Beyoncé" as her go-to greeting (or instead of the phrase "thank you"). Or all of the ridiculous things Titus (Titus Burgess) has said while in character that make you smile. Either way we've rounded up the funniest and most memorable lines from the first three seasons of Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt to make your day.

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt Word Association With Ellie Kemper and Tituss Burgess


"Hashbrown: no filter." Instead of saying hashtag Kimmy says hashbrown and it's just way better.

 "So brunch huh? That's Frasier fancy." Um, if brunch is Frasier fancy, what's Friends fancy?

"Giving up isn't my jam. My jams are grape, jock, and space." Space Jam reference for the win!

"What in the ham sandwich?" What in the ham sandwich is so the new what the heck…right?

Ellie Kemper on What Kimmy Schmidt Would Be Like As a Mom


"I'm pretty but tough, like a diamond. Or beef jerky in a ballgown!" This is some visual and yet it's perfectly fitting for Titus.

"I've decided to live as a bed from now on." Titus is our spirit animal. 

"I feezed on him, Lillian. That's a food sneeze." It's so gross, but we can't help but laugh. 

"I will not be treated like an animal unless it's a glistening panther emerging from an infinity pool." LOL, Titus is too much.

"Get in sync, Kimberlake, I gotta go get divorced." We love this great 'N Sync reference and the witty nickname for Kimmy in one statement!


"I've been waiting so long, my Rachel's starting to become a Phoebe." Okay, we are officially going to start telling time based on Friends hair lengths.


"But don't wear that yellow sweater, 'cause the Crips will think you're in the Banana Boys. It's a new gang; there weren't any good colors left." The Banana Boys…really?!

"Hey, Titus, you got a D battery on you? I want to whip a Philadelphia snowball at those hipsters." Lillian hates hipsters, which is hilarious.

"What is up with you? Who died and left you a trunk full of hats?" This makes no sense and yet it is so Lillian.

 "I'm a great wingman—men find me very approachable because my eyes are large and my hair is like beautiful spaghetti." All hail Lillian's spaghetti locks!

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt returns for season four on May 30 on Netflix.

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