Jimmy Kimmel Gets a Kiss From Diane Keaton—and He Can't Stop Blushing

While promoting her new movie Book Club, the actress recreated one of the film's romantic scenes

By Elyse Dupre May 17, 2018 2:33 PMTags

Pucker up, Jimmy Kimmel!

Diane Keaton gave the late-night host a big smooch on Wednesday's episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live!

While promoting her new movie Book Club, the 72-year-old actress decided to recreate a scene from the film in which she shares a romantic moment with Andy Garcia. So, she casted Kimmel to play Garcia's part.

As Keaton started to set the scene for the audience, she kept bursting into giggles. However, it was Kimmel who started laughing once the Something's Gotta Give star grabbed his face and proceeded to give him a big kiss. 

"Wow!" Kimmel replied. "A dream has come true for Jimmy Kimmel here. Why can't I be Andy Garcia?"

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However, it doesn't look like Kimmel is cut out to play a romantic lead.

"Andy is so great in the movie, and he's so much fun to act with because he's very loose," Keaton explained. "Unlike you—you were stiff."

"Well listen, I don't get much action," he teased. "Nobody cares about me."

He then thanked Keaton for stopping by and teased he'd rewatch their kiss in slow motion.

Watch the video to see the smooch.

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