What Lifetime's Harry & Meghan: A Royal Romance Got Right and Wrong

A few details got a little muddled when Lifetime put Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's real-life romance on screen

By Melanie Bromley, Lauren Piester May 14, 2018 2:22 AMTags
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Sooo raise your hand if you cried a little. 

Lifetime just debuted Harry & Meghan: A Royal Romance, a movie documenting the relationship of Prince Harry (Murray Fraser) and Meghan Markle (Parisa Fitz-Henley), and we honestly couldn't think of a better way to prepare ourselves for next week's royal wedding. 

Sure, not everything was totally accurate (we'll get to that in a moment) and most conversations had to be completely made up, but we truly feel as if we just watched the real prince of England fall in love with a cool feminist actress from California. Tears were in our eyes when the credits rolled and footage of the real Harry and Meghan popped up on screen. 

Yes, this was everything we expect a Lifetime movie to be—cheesy, over-dramatic—but it was also kind of exactly what we want right now. It was cheesy and dramatic in the best ways, and we could even see ourselves hitting play again when we get impatient before next Saturday. 

Lifetime's Harry & Meghan: Real Life vs. On Screen

While the movie was a nice basic overview of Harry and Meghan's two-year romance leading up to their engagement, there are a few details it had to fudge a bit.  

1. Harry did take Meghan to Botswana early in their relationship, but not just after one date, like in the movie. They went on at least two dates before he whisked her off to the African country, which is clearly one of his favorite places to go. His first visit was when he was 13, two months after his mother died. 


2. Harry would not have released that famous statement from the palace without talking to Meghan first, meaning the argument and momentary breakup that followed would also not have happened. (But ya know, movies need conflict.) Harry also would never have released the statement himself on Twitter, as he threatened to do. 

3. William and Kate did not actually meet Meghan together. William met her first alone, and Meghan met the full family later on.

4. Meghan was not uninvited to Pippa Middleton's wedding because of a "no ring no bring" policy. She chose not to go so that she wouldn't upstage the bride. And to go along with that, Prince Charles did not first meet Meghan at Pippa's reception. 

5. In the movie, Harry gets upset at a "Lady Victoria" who is wearing an "unacceptable" blackamoor broach at the reception, but the controversial broach was actually worn by Princess Michael of Kent when she went to the Queen's Christmas lunch, which Meghan also attended. 


6. The movie showed Harry proposing casually in Botswana, then proposing again while they made roast chicken after having met the queen. While there's little doubt that Harry and Meghan had discussed marriage prior to the proposal, the proposal story they told during their engagement interview was exactly like the second proposal in the movie. It was just a "cozy night" in York Cottage while roasting chicken, and Meghan asked "Can I say yes yet?" before Harry could actually finish proposing. However, they did take a pre-engagement trip to Botswana. 

7. When Meghan did meet the Queen, we don't know if the Queen made jokes and showed off a portrait of the biracial Queen Charlotte, but we do know that the famous corgis did seem to love Meghan immediately, and that at least that part of the movie was accurate. 

8. Harry and Meghan's little inside joke about how London Bridge is falling down is actually slightly inappropriate, since "London Bridge is down" is actually the phrase that will mean the Queen has died. Operation London Bridge is the codename for the plan that will be put into place when that happens. 

9. Harry and Meghan do have matching beaded bracelets in real life, and before the relationship was confirmed, a lot of people spotted those matching bracelets. News of the relationship came out right around Halloween 2016, right after Harry did indeed attend a Halloween party with Meghan. (Though we cannot find any evidence that they dressed as a frog and Hillary Clinton.) 


10. The fact that Meghan was eating bananas (and reading a book about Netflix's The Crown) is sort of funny, even if it was unintentional. While Markle's Instagram is now gone, many of her archived photos now seem like references to her relationship with Harry, including a pair of cuddling bananas. Plus, that book about The Crown was written by historian Robert Lacey, whose daughter Scarlett Lacey co-wrote this movie.

Harry & Meghan: A Royal Romance aired on Lifetime.

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