Ultimate Superhero Tournament: Vote in the Final Round Now

By Zach Johnson May 12, 2018 4:00 PMTags
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Captain America and Wonder Woman have more in common than their red, white and blue suits. The fans have spoken, and Chris Evans and Gal Gadot's characters are competing in the final round of the Ultimate Superhero Tournament, after knocking out Iron Man (Robert Downey Jr.) and Thor (Chris Hemsworth) in the close last round.

(And that's no easy task—just ask Thanos and Ares!)

In one corner, there's Captain America. Thanks to an experimental Super-Soldier Serum and "Vita-Ray" treatment, he now possesses unparalleled agility, endurance, durability, healing, reflexes, speed and strength. In the other corner stands Wonder Woman, the immortal Amazon princess. She was born with accelerated healing abilities, flight, superhuman strength and speed. The characters, both sworn to protect humankind, use similar weaponry, too; whereas Captain America uses a shield made from vibranium metal, Wonder Woman wears indestructible bracelets.

So who will be named the Ultimate Superhero? That's up to you.


Ultimate Superhero Tournament: Final 2

Pick your favorite superhero:
Captain America (Chris Evans)
Wonder Woman (Gal Gadot)
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Voting will remain open until Tuesday, May 15, at 5 a.m. PT. The winner will be announced later that day.

As always, fans can vote as many times as they like—and the fate of their favorite superhero depends on it!

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