Grey's Anatomy: Did April Die?

Everyone was prepared for the worst before the May 10 episode

By Lauren Piester May 11, 2018 1:08 AMTags
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All you need to know about tonight's episode of Grey's Anatomy is that they played Snow Patrol. 

The dulcet tones of 2006's "Make This Go On Forever" were all we needed to start dissolving into a puddle of tears, alleviated only by the comatose April squeezing Jackson's hand and opening her eyes. She's alive, y'all. But she is not very well. 

April was in a car with ex-fiance Matthew when they got into an accident around a curve. Matthew was brought in first, and Owen had to go search for April. He found her nearly dead in a ravine, and Mer, Maggie, and Alex worked hard on her for hours to bring her back. 

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Jackson learned what was happening about three hours into it and immediately ran to her side. Maggie eventually caught the tiniest rhythm and shocked her back to life, and the entire room went silent and prayed for her, because they knew that's what she would want. 

She was in a coma for a bit, but she eventually woke up and promised everyone she never even died for a second, because only Jesus can die and then come back to life. 

Matthew's bed was then wheeled in next to hers so they could recover together, and something tells us her exit from the show will be about starting a beautiful new life with her old love. 

Before all that went down, Arizona officially gave Bailey her two weeks and reunited with Dr. Herman (Geena Davis), who came in to have Amelia check her brain for any new tumors that might be causing some symptoms. 

But she was also there to tell Arizona that she had gotten a grant and planned to open up a maternal clinic, and she wanted Arizona to open it with her. Now, the plan is to open it in New York, somewhere near Callie and Sofia. 

Meanwhile, next week, it appears that April is fully recovered in time for Jo and Alex's wedding, but Jo and Alex get trapped in a shed! Hilarious...until that heartbreaking twist we're always fearing with this show. 

Grey's Anatomy will return to ABC in the fall. 

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