Prince Liam Tries to Steer King Robert Off the Path of Corruption Before It's Too Late on The Royals

Liam tries to remind Robert of his greatness in a last-ditch effort to spare him from the coup

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Watch: Prince Liam Has a Heart-to-Heart With King Robert

There's nothing like a little brotherly love!

In this clip from Sunday's season finale of The Royals, Prince Liam (William Moseley) sits down for a friendly game of chess with his big brother in a last-ditch effort to steer him off the path of corruption before the coup.

"Dad wanted to disband the monarchy because he understood how that kind of power can corrupt even the best of us," Liam tells his brother.

"Is that how you see me brother? Dark and corrupt?" King Robert (Max Brown) asks.

For Liam, his message serves as both a warning and a reminder of the great brother he's always known Robert to be.

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"I spent a lifetime trying to be more like my big brother, 'cause you were great," Liam assures.

Knowing that he was about to betray his brother in the biggest way possible, Liam leaves Robert with some powerful parting words.

"I didn't come here to compete with you. I just wanted to spend a few minutes with my brother, remind him that I love him and tell him that when he was at his best, no one loved him or appreciated him more than I did," Liam says before leaving the room.

See their heart-to-heart in the clip above.

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