William Moseley Revealed the Season 4 Finale of The Royals Ends on An "Epic Cliffhanger"

Will they be able to overtake the throne from King Robert before it's too late?

By Vannessa Jackson May 05, 2018 12:00 PMTags
Watch: "The Royals" Stars Tease Season 4 Cliff-Hanger

You ain't seen nothing yet! 

William Moseley and Alexandra Park sat down with E! News to chat about the upcoming season four finale, and according to them, The Royals is going out with a bang...or at least with a few surprises! 

"The arc of the season is building up to this takedown of Robert (Max Brown)," William shared. "Whether Robert wins or we win is yet to be seen...We're doing everything in our power to usurp his throne. We absolutely of course leave on a cliffhanger. Every episode ends on a cliffhanger and every season ends on an epic cliffhanger. " 

"This season, what's actually really fun for us as actors is, we don't see all of the scripts until a week before," William shared. "So we didn't know what was going to happen. Actually, we're always kind of dumbstruck ourselves by a lot of it." 

Looks like there is going to be a big play for the throne in the final episode. "I think the audience is going to be totally taken aback when they find out what actually happens," he shared. As for the possibility of a season five, the actors have no news but promise the story is not over. 

"We feel the show can't end the way it ends. I'm not going to give anything away," William shared. "It's only just the beginning." 

Get all the fun details in the clip above! 

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