King Robert Has Decided to Choose Prince Liam As His Best Man on The Royals! But Will His Answer Be Yes?

At least he's got that crossed off his wedding list. No he just has to make sure it actually happens

By Vannessa Jackson May 04, 2018 12:00 PMTags
Watch: King Robert Surprises With His Choice of Best Man

He's the best man for the job! 

Despite King Robert (Max Brown) and Prince Liam's (William Moseley) difficulties this season on The Royals, for his big day, there is no one King Robert would rather have standing by his side then his little brother. So will Liam accept Robert's best man offer? 

"Before I was king, I didn't realize how many false allies I had. A few people I could truly trust," Robert tells his brother before launching into the most creepy best man offer to ever exist. But Liam remains calm, even though he seems very confused. 

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"It's not secret that I've struggled with who you've become since my absence. If I'm being honest, brother, I have to admit that I asked myself if you were still one of the precious few I could believe in," Robert explains. "But today I stopped asking myself that question, because today I came to terms with the answer."

So what is the question? "I have to do something. And the truth is the man that you've been the last few weeks has made a difficult decision an easy one," Robert tells him. "I want you to be my best man." After all that, will Liam stand by his brother's side on his big day? 

"Of course. I'd be honored," Liam tells him. It looks like he's got himself a best man. If this wedding happens...

Watch the video above to see the intense exchange! 

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