Watch Out King Robert! A Coup Is Underway on The Royals and the King Is on the Chopping Block

As King Robert tries to exert total rule over the country, Queen Helena, Liam and Cyrus team up to take him down

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Watch: Queen Helena, Liam & Cyrus Stage a Coup Against the King

Down with the king!

Queen Helena (Elizabeth Hurley), Prince Liam (William Moseley), Cyrus (Jake Maskall) and his confidant Aston Lang (Tom Crowley) rally to stage a coup and take down King Robert (Max Brown) once and for all in this clip from Sunday's all-new The Royals.

"Martin Kane hosts a high stakes poker game every week. The participants change from week-to-week based on prestige and capital. The Russian oligarch is about to have an accident freeing up a seat at the table," Aston says.

"I'll go," Cyrus chimes in. "No, I'll go," the queen asserts. "The only thing the man loves more than power and money is women."

The Royal Hangover Season 4, Ep. 8

Before going full-out, the group will have to feel out Robert's noblemen and see who is willing to join in on the coup. 

"If this gets back to him, he could have us all hanged for treason," Cyrus worries. "How do we protect against that?" Liam asks. "We dig up dirt on all of them, buy their silence," the former king insists.

It's risky, but with great risk comes great reward and the queen is on board.

Catch their sneaky plot in the clip above.

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