Ronnie Magro-Ortiz and Jen Harley Break Up After Explosive Social Media Fights

Exclusive details on the Jersey Shore star's relationship status

By Jess Cohen Apr 30, 2018 5:49 PMTags

Ronnie Magro-Ortiz and Jen Harley have called it quits.

"They are broken up," a source tells E! News exclusively. "They're done."

Over the weekend, fans of the Jersey Shore star watched as he and his girlfriend got into a vicious social media fight, during which Ronnie wrote on Instagram Story, "Note to self, can't turn a natural born HOE, into a HOUSEWIFE, if you find them in the gutter then leave them in the gutter."

Ronnie later apologized, writing, "I want to apologize for earlier to my fans and especially to @tater_tot_kitty I acted out of my gut and not rationally. I should've never acted in such a manor [sic]. My deepest apologizes [sic]."


"He apologized for everything and admitted where he had been wrong but he also wants what's best for his daughter and he realizes this is not a healthy environment for her," the insider tells us. "They have split but for now they are both living in his Las Vegas house. Jen will most likely be moving out." 

This news comes amid a new explosive argument Ronnie and Jen had on her Instagram Live Monday. In the video, Ronnie and Jen could be seen arguing at the top of the stairs.

Twitter user @thegoodteatime captured the Instagram Live before it was deleted.

"You wanna film, let's zoom in, let's zoom in, let's zoom in," Ronnie could be heard saying as he looked at his phone.

"Disaster," Jen said as she filmed Ron.

"Let's zoom in, look at this," Ron said as he tried to show an image on his phone. "Oh yeah look at that...that's f--king great, oh yeah, let's zoom in on that, look at that, let's zoom in on that."

"Get out of my face," Jen told him.

Ron continued to tell Jen to "zoom in" on the image he was showing on his phone.

"Back the f--k up," Jen replied.

"Let's zoom in on that...why don't you want to show that? Why don't you want to show that? Look, look, why don't you want to show that, huh?" Ronnie asked.

"Show you," Jen said.

"Show you f--king getting f--ked in your ass like a hooker…don't put your hands on me again," Ronnie told Jen.

"Seriously?" Jen replied.

"Seriously," Ron said. "Put your f--king hands on me again, I dare you."

All of this relationship drama follows less than a month after Ronnie and Jen welcomed a baby girl together, Ariana Sky.

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