Kyle's Sinister Past Comes Back to Haunt Him and Megan Finally Learns His Dark Secret on The Arrangement

Everything will be revealed, but could that mean the end of Kygan?

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What's lost will always be found...

Megan Morrison (Christine Evangelista) has made it her mission to destroy IHM on The Arrangement, and on this week's episode, she might accidentally destroy Kyle (Josh Henderson) in the process. 

Kygan's wedding is around the corner and the episode kicks off with the happy couple officially signing their marriage license. However, Kyle's happiness is quickly spoiled when he runs into Detective Natalie Gaffey (Tracy Waterhouse). 

You know, the one Terence (Michael Vartan) asked Kyle to sleep with in order to get him out of a legal bind. Anyways, she's not here to ruin his joy, but running into her is bringing up a lot of negative emotions for Kyle. 

Megan Morrison and Kyle West Get Their Marriage License

Megan is also a little nervous about the wedding. Mostly because she's trying to take down the foundation of an entire organization while preparing for wedded bliss. Just when she starts to accept that she may never destroy IHM, Shaun (Carra Patterson) may have found the exact information she needs. 

"I found her," Shaun tells Megan about her search for Julie Woolth. "I need to see her before the wedding," Megan explains to Shaun. "I have a chance to get Terence out of the picture by then." Shaun is up for the adventure, but they need a viable reason to sneak away. 

Megan already has a genius plan. They'll pretend to go to wine country for her bachelorette party while really trying to uncover the truth about IHM. The only issue? Megan needs to convince her best friend and other bridesmaid, Tessa (Brea Grant), that this is a real bachelorette party. 


Megan finally breaks down and tells Tessa everything that has been going on in her life, and while Tessa is understandably shocked at the news, she's also down to help Megan and Shaun track down Julie and get some answers. 

Julie is a realtor, so the ladies make a plan to pretend to be house shopping. As it turns out, Julie has nothing to tell them except that she loved every moment of her time in IHM, but Megan's not buying it.   

Later that night, Megan breaks the news to Zach (Kyle Toy), who gets busted by Kyle for talking on a burner phone. Kyle knows Zach is up to something, but has no clue about Megan's involvement...yet. So he sends Zach to the facility to get interrogated (and a little beaten down) by Terence. 

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As you can imagine, that didn't go very well. In order to protect himself, Zach pretends he is using drugs again and that Julie was his dealer.

"You want to help yourself? Tell the truth. Whatever you're doing can't be as bad as you think," Kyle advised his assistant. "Dude, he's not going to stop until he gets the truth. I don't want to see that happen to you."

Zach senses a weakness in Kyle and tries to appeal to his selfless side. "Then get me out of here. Just let me go," Zach begged him. "You'll never see me again." But it won't be that easy. "He will find you wherever you go," Kyle warned him.  

Once Megan finds out Zach was taken to the facility, she decides it is now or never. She needs to go back to Julie's house and get some real answers. Turns out the truth is far more sinister than she could have comprehended. At Julie's house, she's quickly introduced to her brother Aaron Woolth, who gives her a story that changes everything. 

After trying to beg Aaron, who is paralyzed and in a wheelchair, for information about why Terence paid them to disappear, he finally tells her the chilling tale. "The payments are hush money for this," he said gesturing to his wheelchair. "The loss of my legs. Among other things." 

Megan knew Terence was evil, but this is a whole new level. Only, Aaron assures her it wasn't Terence, but in fact Kyle. "Why would he do this?" a stunned Megan asked. 

"Do you remember the movie that put Kyle on the map? I got that part. It was mine first," Aaron revealed. "We all went to some dive on Vermont to celebrate," Julie chimed in. 

"We partied and we talked s--t and we were walking to the car and I tell Kyle that I was going to try and get him a role in the movie—featured extra," Aaron recalled. "And he snapped," Julie shared. 

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"I knew how he was. I'd seen him fight before but this was different. I didn't stand a chance when he came at me," Aaron shared. "He hit me in the back of the head. It was a trip. One minute you're a fully functioning human being and the next, you wake up in a hospital room with a doctor asking you if you can wiggle your toes." So there she has it, the truth about her precious Kyle West. But that's not all. 

"Terence covered it up. He buried the police report and bought us off. We didn't have a choice," Julie explained. "He made it really clear that we should take the money and never come back to L.A. That was our arrangement."

Megan's going to need some time to process this. Before she can figure out her next move, she arrives home to find out Kyle has put some pieces of the puzzle together for himself. 


"You went to find Julie didn't you? That's what the whole trip was about," Kyle asked his fianceé. "What do you know?" 

"Everything," she tells him. Looks like they have a lot to talk about...

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