Watch Tia Mowry Take Fans Inside Her Baby Girl's Nursery

Pregnant actress shows off her daughter's new home in her latest Quick Fix video

By Nikki Levy Apr 27, 2018 8:17 PMTags

Tia Mowry-Hardrict's baby girl is almost here! 

The actress is anxiously awaiting the arrival of her second child and now she's showing off the nursery where her daughter will grow up. 

In her latest Quick Fix video, Tia reveals the gorgeous space that she created with the help of interior designer Jake Alexander. The two worked hand-in-hand to create a calming space with "minimal clutter" for her and her baby girl. The organic feel of the nursery also mimics the vibe of Tia's rustic baby shower earlier this month.  

Check out the pics below to learn more about Tia's nursery! 

Celeb-Approved Nursery Picks

While Tia has yet to reveal her daughter's name, she did drop a few hints in the video. She explains that her daughter's name is grounded and earthy and she wanted the "comfortable and calm" nursery to represent that. 

This clutter-free vibe can be felt throughout the nursery. Tia explains that she didn't want a lot of furniture as she learned from her first child that you don't need that much stuff! 


Tia chose to buy furniture that can grow with her daughter so she won't have to continually buy new things as she gets older. 

For example, the changing table top is removable, turning the baby furniture into a simple dresser. 


Tia also points out the bull that's hanging in the nursery, a nod to her daughter's astrological sign. 

"She's coming in the month of May...she's a Taurus," Tia explains. "What that means is strength."


Tia also made sure there was a large open space with a soft rug in the nursery since kids are always on the move. She envisions her daughter learning to crawl and eventually walk in this open space. 


Tia also discusses the significance of the bookshelf in her daughter's nursery. She feels that reading books is important as it's a "great way to bond with your baby" and it helps to "educate your child at a young age." 

While there are other cool parts of the nursery, such as a SNOO, which is a bassinet that rocks on its own, Tia makes it clear that her favorite part of the nursery is the closet!

While showing off a few outfits from her daughter's already stocked wardrobe, Tia notes that she will definitely be passing along her shoe obsession.  

Tia and her husband of 10 years Cory Hardrict are already parents to 6-year-old Cree Taylor Hardrict.

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