Disney Debuts Rainbow Mickey Mouse Ears in Time For Gay Pride Month

Check out the theme park's LGBTQ-themed headwear

By Cydney Contreras Apr 26, 2018 11:31 PMTags

Disneyland has given us yet another excuse to visit their parks, and this time it's not just for their churros.

The amusement park recently began to sell rainbow-colored Micky Mouse ears in stores at both Walt Disney World in Florida and in the original Disneyland park in California, just weeks shy of Gay Pride Month, which occurs in June.

According to People, the colorful, striped ears with a red cap, which are officially named, "Rainbow Love," are an "in-park exclusive" and currently retail for $18 at the Emporium, Fantasy Faire and the Chapeau Hat Shoppe in the Walt Disney World Park in Orlando.

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The sale of these LGBTQ-themed ears is one of Disneyland's many items of merchandise that can be worn when visiting the parks, and is especially perfect for those unofficial "Gay Days," which draw thousands of visitors annually for a Pride-themed celebration.  

Other recent releases from the amusement park include their rose gold Minnie Mouse ears and a yummy Dole Whip Donut, sold for a limited time at the OG Disneyland in Anaheim, Calif.

Unfortunately, the cute ears do not seem to have made their way onto Disney's online stores yet, but it's a great excuse to visit the parks and celebrate Pride! 

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