Jennifer Lopez Has a Beauty Pet Peeve Everyone Can Relate to

You don't need her new Inglot collection to get that J.Lo glow...but it helps!

By Diana Nguyen Apr 24, 2018 9:06 PMTags

You're one step closer to getting that J.Lo glow.

Before Jennifer Lopez's makeup collection with Inglot Cosmetics drops this week, the actress-singer-dancer wants you to know: Less is more…despite what Instagram may show you. The World of Dance judge recently held a launch event in Las Vegas, debuting the collection to press with the help of her friend and makeup artist Scott Barnes.

"I know that there's a trend to do very heavy makeup…but, like, you're not doing that," J.Lo said to the crowd. "People want to see your natural beauty shine through. For me that's the most important thing: You don't see makeup coming at you, but you see a beautiful girl coming at you. Enhance me. Don't make me look like I'm wearing a mask, so if people come up to me, they go: ‘Look at all that makeup she has on. She must look like crap when she wakes up.' That's not the desired effect."

This beauty philosophy may be the reason why Jennifer's 70-piece collection, featuring everything from pressed powder to faux lashes and nail polish, doesn't include foundation. Maybe the J.Lo glow really is about letting your natural features shine…with the help of bronzers and highlight, that is.

"When we're little girls, we just want to slap it on. I let my daughter put makeup on me; I look like a clown—it's tons and tons [of makeup]. It's kind of funny but that's how we think of makeup—it's something that we should put on and on—but really, it's something to gild the lily, to enhance," explained the Shades of Blue actress.

Jennifer did say she was interested in creating skin and complexion products in the future. But for now, she's thinking about practicality and her own pet peeves. For instance, one of the hero products of her line features a customizable magnetic shadow palette.

"You really can create whatever you want," she explained. "I love all kinds of makeup, from high-end to low-end, from Tom Ford down to whatever you can buy at Kmart. But there's nothing that makes me crazier than buying a very expensive eye shadow [palette] and using one little color from it the whole time and the other ones just never get touched. I guess I'll go buy that $180 palette again for one color..."

Don't get it twisted: She's still Jenny from the Block.

The Jennifer Lopez x Inglot collection is available Thursday, April 26 online, in Inglot stores, and in select Macy's locations.

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