Christina Aguilera Kills It in Latest Primetime Carpool Karaoke

We'll take impressive riffs and Mickey Mouse Club secrets from Xtina anytime please

By Lauren Piester Apr 24, 2018 3:09 AMTags

James Corden looks pretty good in primetime.

In his second Carpool Karaoke primetime special, Corden and The Late Late Show reran a few Carpool Karaoke segments, but the real stars of the night were a few brand new bits of musical insanity.

First, Corden and band leader Reggie Watts opened the show on a 10 p.m. CBS procedural before realizing that made no sense. That turned into a Bruno Mars-style number all about the show's visit to an earlier timeslot. 

Then, we got a glorious new Crosswalk Musical, starring some of CBS' biggest talent. The Big Bang Theory's Kunal Nayyar, Young Sheldon's Iain Armitage, and Mom's Anna Faris and Allison Janney all joined Corden for a production of The Sound of Music, which took place exclusively in the crosswalk outside of CBS Television City.

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While Young Sheldon quit as soon as he realized what was going on, Janney arrived already in costume to play Maria, apparently not knowing that Corden always plays the lead in his Crosswalk Musicals. He eventually agreed to share the role, but the fight continued until he apologized by letting Faris and Nayyar in on the Maria fun too, resulting in four Marias performing "Do Re Mi" together with Corden riding off in a seemingly random man's car at the end.

But of course, we were all waiting for Christina Aguilera to finally take her turn in the passenger seat of Corden's musical car to sing a few songs and spill a few Mickey Mouse Club not-so-secrets, like the fact that she and Britney Spears both had crushes on Justin Timberlake, and she thought Ryan Gosling maybe probably had a crush on Britney.

Suddenly, at one point, they were joined by Life of the Party star (and Aguilera's costar) Melissa McCarthy, who popped in to help with Redman's verse in "Dirrty." Xtina then taught Corden and McCarthy how to sing like a diva, and it didn't go all that well. 

While it didn't air in the TV version, the YouTube version above also includes a little throwback called "Genie in a Bottle," which is really all we we guess we'll just head home now with that stuck in our heads. 

The Late Late Show usually airs weekdays at 12:37 a.m. on CBS.

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