Scandal Stars Have a Message for Gladiators Still Not Over That Series Finale

Kerry Washington, Bellamy Young, Shonda Rhimes and more deliver one last message to fans of their ABC series

By Billy Nilles Apr 20, 2018 8:12 PMTags
Watch: "Scandal" Stars Share Touching Messages to Fans

"For all of those out there dealing with a Scandal Over hangover, I would suggest maybe having another sip of wine, watching the show one more time, and just remember that all good things...It's a good thing. It's a good thing."

We may have reached the end of the road, Gladiators, but for those of you still mourning the conclusion of Scandal, E! News has your back. Knowing that we'd all be just completely bereft with grief over having to finally say goodbye to Olivia Pope and Associates for good, we had Shonda Rhimes and the stars of the long-running ABC series share some words of wisdom and comfort—including the ones from Joe Morton, aka Papa Pope, up above—to get us all through these dark times.

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"The only message I want to send to the fans is thank you. Thank you for watching the show, thank you for being with us this amount of time, thank you for cursing my name, even," Rhimes said. "Every single time you've watched, it's meant something to us."

The stars of the show were filled with as much gratitude as Rhimes was, with Kerry Washington echoing her former boss' sentiment. "Thank you for watching. Thank you for being us. We're so grateful for this Scandal-ous ride," she said. "So to all you Gladiators out there, we love you and we appreciate you. And we will never forget you."

Others, like Bellamy Young,offered a way to keep the Scandal train rolling even if the show is no more. "Good morning, you guys. It's still last night right now when I'm talking to you, so my heart is breaking, but let's all meet online and get through this day together because last night was a lot," she suggested. "But I'm so grateful for these seven seasons together and everything that we've shared. And I love you, so much."

To hear from the rest of the cast, including Tony Goldwyn, Scott Foley, Katie Lowes and more, be sure to check out the video above!

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