Jax Taylor's Grandma Tells Him to "Leave Grandpa Alone" in Sweet Message on Hollywood Medium

Vanderpump Rules star learns about the hilarious message his grandma has for his family

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Time for some more readings! 

This week on Hollywood Medium With Tyler HenryTyler Henry had some interesting readings to say the least. He connected a Vanderpump Rules star to his grandparents and gave Tituss Burgess a very heartfelt moment with someone special from his life. 

First, Tyler sat down with Real Housewives of New York City star Luann de Lesspes and channeled her dad. "He's putting a big red 'X' around this other thing," Tyler shared with Luann. "Of like a suggestion of we can extend someone's life for a period of time and he's saying no with this."

She instantly knew he was referring to the circumstances under which he died. "He had cancer and he could have been operated," she revealed. "He had friends that were operated for the same thing and they died. So he thought, ‘I'm okay. I don't need to be operated. I can deal with this.'"

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Tyler is quick to confirm for the reality star that her father is aware it was a tough situation and he has made peace with it. 

"When this comes in, it's his awareness of that decision making and that ultimately when they bring through these things, it's their way of saying they have peace with this," he shared with her. "They're okay with this. They just want family to have that validation and understanding that he wanted to take his health into his own hands."

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When it came to Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt star Tituss, Tyler had a sweet message from his grandmother. "There is this whole thing coming in. She's putting special, special, special around you in the way this is coming in. There is a feeling of like special before you were well known," Tyler revealed. 

Tituss joked that his cousins wouldn't be happy to hear that. "There is this feeling of like knowing that there was this destined for greatness thing in the way this comes through," Tyler explained. "But there is kind of like a joke about it."

Tituss was touched to be able to be reminded of his special bond with his grandmother. "I felt like she saw me," he shared. "I will say I've since walked through the world and I've only met a couple of other people who see me. Her loss was a big one for me." 

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Vanderpump Rules stars Jax Taylor and Tom Sandoval sat down for a dual reading. Sadly for Tom, Jax had a stronger energy that was insistent on coming through. Turns out it was his grandma! 

"When grandma comes through, the thing she's putting an emphasis on is referencing to your grandfather," he shared. "There is this concern about after grandma passed. She's establishing concern in wanting to make sure grandpa can stay where he's at. She's having me acknowledge him as being a little stubborn." This wasn't news to Jax!

At least it's something tangible he will be able to share with his other relatives. "I'm going to call my family and say, 'Hey! I went and saw this amazing medium. He said to leave grandpa alone!'" Jax joked. Grandma's know best! 

Watch the video above for this week's full recap! 

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