Riverdale Takes On Carrie: The Musical and Yes There Will Be Blood

Get the scoop on the musical from the cast and take a look at some exclusive behind-the-scenes pics from the highly anticipated episode

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Watch: "Riverdale" Stars Tell All on Musical Episode

Tonight, the cast of Riverdale shows off their pipes. 

Riverdale High is about to put on its spring musical performance of Carrie, and it's en episode unlike any other...in most ways. In fact, despite the dark AF themes in the story of Carrie, the cast is pretty excited for everyone to see a lighter, more fun side to the series for like, a second. 

"I think it's gonna be a breath of fresh air, honestly," Cole Sprouse told E! News' Sibley Scoles. "Because our show is really intense and it can be kind of debilitating in terms of how heavy things get for these characters, and here's an episode where everyone's jovial for a moment in time and it's fun, and we still manage to take 'em back down." 

In fact, get ready for some serious darkness. 

Behind the Scenes of Riverdale's Musical Production of Carrie
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"This whole episode is so fun, and then at the very end, it gets dark again to kind of remind you what kind of show we are," Camila Mendes explains, adding that we're in for a great big heartbreak. "We're breaking it, we're stepping on it, we're spitting on it, we're kicking it aside, we're burning it." 

The episode is framed as a sort of documentary, filmed by Jughead (Sprouse), of the high school putting on a musical while simultaneously dealing with all kinds of off-stage drama. 

Jughead is one of few main characters who does not have to/get to sing in the episode, which Sprouse has no problem with. Back in May of last year, he told E! News just how little he wanted to be involved in a musical episode.

Watch: Cole Sprouse Is Not Singing in "Riverdale" Musical Episode

"That's seriously the one thing I have been like, please don't make me sing," he said. Lucky for him, Jughead's not a very musical dude, and as Sprouse explains in the second video above, the writers managed to come up with a version of a Riverdale musical that had a perfect non-singing role for the brooding journalist. 

As for the all-important pig's blood, Madelaine Petsch (who plays Cheryl who plays Carrie) promises we'll get it. 

"There's some blood. A lot of blood. A lot of blood," she says. "You're gonna feel bad for whoever the blood is on." 

Hit play on both videos above for more on the musical, including whose voice surprised KJ Apa and who thinks they're the best and worst singers of the bunch. 

Plus, check out our gallery full of exclusive behind-the-scenes pictures from the filming of the episode!

Riverdale airs tonight at 8 p.m. on the CW. 

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