Jeffrey Dean Morgan Reveals He Delivered Both of His Kids

Walking Dead star lent both of his hands in the delivery room

By Samantha Schnurr Apr 09, 2018 7:10 PMTags

When it came to the arrival of his two children, Jeffrey Dean Morgan played a special role. 

The famous father is now a dad times two thanks to the recent birth of his daughter George Virginia Morgan with his longtime leading lady Hilarie Burton. He and Burton are also proud parents to son Augustus, 8. 

While the typically private pair have kept most details about their little ones to themselves, the Walking Dead star did divulge that he delivered both of his youngsters during a recent interview with Howard Stern

"I delivered the children," he told the radio host. "We went to a hospital to do it in case something were to go awry."

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Fortunately, very little went awry—well, except for his son's initial head shape. "I had no idea. I thought I was just there to lend support, hold a leg and then we had a midwife and as soon as the baby started crowning, they kind just pushed me in there. The first one, Gus, I kind of waited too long to pull him out and he came out and his head was shaped like a cone. He got stuck in that no man's land a little bit too long."

However, he learned his lesson by the time George came around. "I was ready and as soon as she crowned, I grabbed her a little by the cheeks and pulled her out," he described. "Perfect."

While he's gotten some practice, it seems Morgan's delivery days are over and he's planning on getting a vasectomy. "We're tapping out," he quipped. "I'm 52...Two is perfect—a boy and a girl. We tried for, since Gus was born, to have another and hit a rough go trying to...lost a couple. It was an emotional ride. So, now we have our little girl. We're done."

A little girl with a unique moniker to top it off. The actor also revealed where the coupe got their inspiration for their little lady's name: "An episode of Bonanza called A Girl Named George."

"I call her Georgie, Georgie girl," he said. "We threw in a middle name that was much more feminine."

It won't take long before little Georgie learns just how cool her mom and dad are. 

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